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How to request an FBI background check on yourself

If you suspect that there might be some incorrect information on your FBI Identification Record or "Rap Sheet" as it is commonly known as, then you will need to make a request to obtain it. You have a right to do a criminal background check on yourself but you will have to jump through a few hoops to get hold of it.

If you are adopting a child or you need to disclose any criminal record to get work then you may need to request your criminal history record. Of course it's more likely that you want to do your FBI criminal background check in order to prove that you don't have a record at all.

You can request a copy of your identification record on the FBI web site at the fbi gov web site under "More Services". Here you will find all the instructions that you need to complete the request and get it processed.

There is a fee payable that you must include with your application. At the time of writing the stated fee was which is a nominal fee to cover administrative costs.

The worst part of the application form is the fact that you have to send in a full set of your fingerprints to prove that you are who you say you are. In this instance, a drivers license and a utility bill just won't be enough.

Fingerprints must be taken carefully so that they are clean prints and you must fill in a fresh fingerprint card too. In theory I suppose that you could do all of this yourself but I would suggest that you go down to your local law enforcement office and get an expert fingerprint technician to do it for you. This should avoid any problems with the process.

Can you get an FBI criminal background check on someone else?

No, you can't, not through the FBI site anyway. The application has to be done in person and anyone trying to get one for someone else would need to obtain a full, yes all 10, set of fingerprints. You need to be determined just to get your own rap sheet, it would be near impossible to get one for someone else without their knowledge.

Free criminal background checks

Nothing is ever absolutely free I know and you aren't going to get such a complete and accurate criminal background check on yourself as you will direct from the FBI itself. But it is possible for you to look up criminal and arrest records, arrest warrants and a lot more information by doing your searches in public records, online. You can do it really quickly too.

It can be a very cheap alternative and potentially provide you with a lot of diverse information that you might not get from the FBI. This could be bankruptcies, civil judgements, email addresses, property records and other interesting stuff. In addition you can do criminal background checks on anyone using public records, not just yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Background Checks?
    I am looking for a website that allows me to do unlimited Background checks including,
    *Sex Offender
    *Name Changes
    *Alias Names

    I've tried Intelius and they only allow 1 record at a time, they don't give an option to pay for 3,6,9,12 months. I'm looking for something that will give me unlimited for 3,6,9,12months.

    I can only pay by : Debit, Check, Paypal(check), Bank Account or Money Order.

    Thank you for your help.
    Oh, btw I am in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA

    Thank you MM I'll give that a go.

    Does anyone know anything about Akiba background search?
    Also, I'm looking for a divorce/marriage records in the State of NY , CA, PA, Intelius allows for the following states
    but one that I need is for New York. ?

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a place that reviews several background check websites. Pretty cool site.

      Many of the background check services listed have consumer reviews, so you can read what others think of it.

      Hope this helps!

    Are background checks required for corp-to-corp contracts in the state of Virginia?
    I am currently a salaried employee and have had a misdemeanor infraction with the law. I am looking to go independent, set up a corporation, and work on corp-to-corp contracts. I am a bit hesitant in making the move as I fear being denied contracts due to the infraction showing up in a background check. Are background checks conducted for individuals consulting under a corp-to-corp contract?

    • ANSWER:
      Just for felonies. A misdomeanor is no problem.

    background checks?
    I just applied for a job a couple of days ago, part time college job, and I'm wondering how extensive are background checks? is it like a full FBI type background check where they check your phone records and internet searches or do they just check for any felonies and credit reports?

    • ANSWER:
      They verify the job information that you tell them.
      They verify your school attendance (not your GPA).
      They look for felonies.
      They look at your credit (this is not a deciding factor).

    Background checks....?
    My family owns a background research company. We criminally background checks as well as Workman Comp checks and MVR searchs. We can also do credit checks. My questions to you is this... When applying for a job or a loan or looking to rent a home, what do you feel is fair when giving personal information? I personally do not like that SSN are used for this process. What are your thoughts on background checks?

    • ANSWER:
      People in prisons are assigned inmate numbers. There is a movement afoot to assign national identity cards to every man, woman and child in America. Loyal Americans must oppose this with all their strength. You will be told that it is necessary in order to track down criminals when, in fact, it will create a new class of criminal, the loyal American who refuses to knuckle under to an oppressive government--in other words, patriots.

    Do I need to be licensed to do background and credit checks for other people?
    I'm a single mom on disability, I would like to make some extra money doing background checks, credit checks and other similar tasks for other people and companys. Do I need a license or certificate to do so?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends where you live, each country and sometimes even individual states and provinces has different legal requirements. Normally your local Attorney generals office can tell you...

    How long do background checks normally take?
    For a job. My fiance has been waiting since yesterday morning for his background check to come back. We are waiting impatiently even though he doesnt have anything incriminating.

    This company said they go through an outside company to run the background checks.

    What do background checks usually consist of?

    • ANSWER:
      When I had to do a background check for a job, it took a couple of days. I want to say like 3-4?

    Do job application background checks check your current residence?
    And if I were to use a private mailbox address on the application, substituting # for PMB, would the background check find out?

    And this is just a normal retail job.
    Thanks you two for the real answers (what's up with the spam?), the reason I'm using a private mailbox instead of a PO box is because the private mailbox's address looks like a normal residential street address. As for why I can't give a real address, it's because I'm homeless.

    • ANSWER:
      A background check will certainly report your current residence if they find one. Reputable background check companies use real people to run the reports rather than automated systems. They will look for things like where you pay utilities, where your home phone is registered, etc. If they do not find that information, they will likely state that your current residence is unknown or they will simply list your last known residence as your current. If you have any payments going to a PMB, they will probably end up listing that as your current address. The only way to know for sure would be to run a background on yourself but that will cost you money and I doubt you are interested in spending money if you are currently homeless and seeking employment. I really hope this helps you and that you find a job soon so that you can get a home. If you did decide to run a background check on yourself, there are some pretty inexpensive options out there. I would not recomend them for someone seeking a serious background check but if you simply want to see what they list as your current address it might be worth it. is a consumer review site that tests out background check companies and lists the best options out there.

    How do you get a job doing background checks?
    I have a Forensic Science degree(bachelor) and cant seem to find anything in my area regarding forensics without having to move. My mom says I can find a lot of stuff and research things very well online (like finding a good deal on a product). I like the investigation part of finding things online. My mother mentioned a career doing background checks on people. How do you find a job doing background checks? What kind of companies do background checks that I could check online?

    • ANSWER:
      Reputable background checking firms do not spend a lot of time researching people online, rather focusing on collecting data from court sources and very specific statewide sources. is our industry job board where you can get started and should be able to find something entry level, but you should be open-minded about relocating.

    Do disney background checks check credit?
    I am wondering that when disney does their background checks when you arrive for the disney college program, do they check your credit? if you have anything in collections?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sure that they do. However, they are only concerned with your credit score if you are going to be handling money. Right or wrong, employers don't want to hire people with money problems because they're tempted to steal from the company to get the creditors off their backs.

      So if you're in a job that requires you to handle money for Disney, the credit check will be very important.

    Do staffing agencies really perform background checks?
    I've been to a few staffing agencies and some tell you that they require a background check or they post a sign in their office saying that every candidate will go through a background check, which I know takes a few days to get the results, but yet at the same time, they are so eager to submit your resume right away to their client. Do they really perform these background checks or even check your references before they choose to represent you? Or is it more of a scare tactic to try to deter anyone with a questionable background from applying at their company?

    • ANSWER:
      they do perform the background checks & verify references. most companies now require these checks before they will hire you, in this way they protect themselves from future liability.

    Do employers check background checks before calling for an interview?
    i had a little situation with a credit card, and because of it, ive been denied student loans.

    i must have aplied for 20+ jobs, and i havent gotten a single call. do you think my credit is effecting that? when employers pull up your application, do they perform background checks before deciding to call you for an interview, or is that after you interview and before they hire you?

    Im wondering if this credit card is what is screwing me over trying to get a job...

    • ANSWER:
      The short answer to your question is no. As someone who hires a fair number of people each year, I want to spend as little time as possible screening resumes. The last thing I would want to do is a complete background check on everyone. I would suggest looking at your resume, and make sure there are no spelling or grammer issues. Are you customizing the cover letter for each job or using a generic one for everything?

      And as for the background check, mostly employers are looking for criminal issues unless you need to be bonded for the job you are applying for

    IN Illinois almost all Apartment places do background checks. How far back do they actually go with the report?
    I know someone who lives in an really nice apartment complex and they are strict in doing credit checks and background checks, but one of the neighbors who live in their building they know for a fact that they spent some jail time about 15 yrs ago. When they asked this person about it they said that it didn't show up on the background so they did not tell them.

    • ANSWER:
      Usually 10 years. Unless he was in jail for a felony this would not be easy to find after 15 years.

    Does anyone know of any legitimate sites that I can look up background checks, and criminal background checks?
    I've gotten on a few sites so far one: "direct screeing," and the other: "net detective." Both are rips offs! Nothing but a big scam to get your -! The only information I received for my money was the SAME information I typed into them! To receive "more" you must pay MORE, and than they want you to obligate yourself to a "monthly fee" to boot! (What a SCAM!) If there's a non-rip off and legit site out there where I could do for-real background /criminal checks, (for a one time fee,) I'd sure like to know! I'd really appreciate it if anybody out there could help me. Thank you in advance!

    • ANSWER:


    How often do employers run background checks on potential job candidates?
    I've heard that employers usually don't do background checks on potential job candidates because of laziness and the costs that are associated to background checks. However, employers do backgrounds checks only when they want to fire an employee. How true is this?

    *Obviously, honesty is the best policy. But, sometimes honesty doesn't work. In addition, almost everybody has heard of people losing their jobs because of false things they've put on their resumes. But, many of these people usually lose their jobs after a long time of employment.

    • ANSWER:
      depends what there business, is. some places run them on everybody, some dont.

    how do medical background checks work?
    if i give consent for an employer to do a medical background check....

    how do medical background checks work? how do they pull up your records? is it by social security number?

    • ANSWER:
      I've had to do a medical background check in the past and it does not involve your SS number. I had to give them the name of my current clinic and doctor plus sign a release of information. They sent the release to the clinic and received my medical records.

      Doing any sort of search based on your SS number would only give the employer information about if you've applied for SSDI or SSI (both Social Security programs) and that sort of thing.

      The exact process may differ for you. For example, maybe the prospective employer will requests medical records from every medical professional you've seen in the past 5 years.

      Basically, your prospective employer is trying to see if you have any medical conditions or issues that would prohibit you from doing the job you have applied to do.

    I need a rental house or apartment with no criminal background check. Do realtors do background checks?
    I need a rental house or apartment with no criminal background check. Do realtors do background checks? Is there a way I can avoid being subject to such background checks? My target city is Austin, TX, and I have applied twice at apartment complexes and was turned down. Now I want a rental house but want to avoid being rejected. Should I turn to a realtor?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know if a realtor will, but the rentor may, which has probably been what is happening anyway.

      I don't know what you did or didn't do, but if I was renting, I'd be much more comfortable with someone who was honest with me and took the time to explain what went down as opposed to someone who skirted my check, and left me to find out later. I mean, if you don't get the place, chances are good that you'll never see that person again, as a landlord or otherwise, so what's the big deal in saying something, you know? It's corny, but honesty is the best policy.

      Also, keep in mind it's normally only felonies they'll check and question...I don't think they care about most misdemeanors.

    Background Checks and Drug Screens?
    Ever since 9-11 The working americans have to continue to prove they are not a threat to america with Background checks. We have T.W.I.C. Cards that require background Checks. Port Cards to enter certain Ports that require BackGround checks Background checks for a HAZMAT Endorsement on our drivers license. Plus every time you apply for a job. Another Background Check And on top of all this we are required to pass pre employment and random Drug Screens. When those who are unemployable or don't want to work have to prove nothing to get their Welfare Checks. Does this sound fair ?
    Not only do we have to undergo so many background checks We have to pay for them every time out of our own pocket just for the privledge of working. How should this be changed?

    • ANSWER:
      Yours is a senseless rant. Sounds like you are trying to take your drug problem out on terrorists.

      Employers screened for drug use long before 9-11.

      Go peddle this crap to someone else. If you want to have--and keep--a job, lay off the drugs.

    What do background checks check for?
    When you start a new job, or you want to volunteer or go to a college they tell you they are going to do a background check on you. A friend of mine said that they check EVERYTHING. But what are they looking for? What is considered inappropriate and may declassify you from getting a job or a place in college?

    Any help is appereciated. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on what type of check it is. If it is strictly a criminal background check, then it will pull your criminal history from the time you turned 18. Some background checks also look at things like credit history, evictions, repossessions, and the such if they are concerned about you financially.

    Do most employers conduct background checks before OR after they verbally offer a job to an applicant?
    I asked my older sister, whom is a HR Recruiter, and I also asked an HR person from another company. Both of them said that, in regards to the companies they work for, they do background checks, employment verifications, reference checks, etc. only after a verbal offer for a job has been made to an applicant.

    • ANSWER:

    Do background checks for jobs only check for the states and towns you lived in?
    I got hired with a criminal background but they was only able to see the criminal history from the towns i lived in. But i have other charges in other towns. Why couldnt they see those and is this how it works for all background checks?

    • ANSWER:
      Does it matter? You got hired!

    Are drug tests part of background checks?
    I'm applying for an internship @ a refugee center. They state that background checks are required, are drug tests background checks? Or is a background check just your financial and criminal history?

    • ANSWER:
      A background check generally entails checking your criminal history with BCI for up to the last 7 years. They will generally hire a different thrid party company to simply provide the employer with your background history. The background also generally entails a simple credit history to make sure that you're not a crook. And the drug test is separate, but almost always part of the application process if a background check is present.

    How can I run background check or criminal record checks?
    I want to run background checks or criminal record checks on people. Is there a legit program for me to do so.. I am also in AUSTRALIA so one for AUSTRALIA

    • ANSWER:
      I am in charge of research and testing for a consumer review site ( ). First of all, for Australia you cannot use any of the standard background check products you will find advertised on the internet. I just finished testing a really amazing product. They produce the most thorough background checks of anyone I have ever tested! All reports are conducted by licensed Private Investigators and they can run background checks on people pretty much anywhere in the world. I am not sure what a background check for Australia will cost but you can ask them as they have live chat to answer questions and help ensure you are getting exactly what you want. Here is a link to their main product page...

      On the top right of that page you will find the "live chat" option where someone can answer all your questions and tell you the cost. Hope that helps!

      If you have any follow up questions, just email me at

    What do they check for on background checks at jobs?
    when they do check your background checks at jobs do they check all the stuff u did through out your whole life or just the stuff u did after u turned 18??
    because when i was younger (7-8) i used to go to therapy because i was depressed & i really don't want my co-workers or manager to know all that

    • ANSWER:
      They judge the size of your penis

    What does Royal Direct include on their background checks?
    Im doing the hiring process at Royal Direct (RBC Call Center) And I've never had a background check done before, only a Criminal background check. So I'm curious what Royal Direct's background checks cover/include.

    • ANSWER:

    how are FBI background checks conducted for potential employees?
    For example at the airport, the security is very strict and some jobs require an FBI background check to be done. Do FBI background checks only involve interviewing relatives of the potential employee? Or does it also include interviewing other people such as neighbors that live across the street of the potential employee?
    calm down now. its just a simple question.

    • ANSWER:
      it can involve people that you interact with regularly .. so yea they can interview neighbors if they wish

    What does Allstate look for in their background checks?
    I was offered a job with Allstate as a Licensed Call Center Rep and was wondering what Allstate looks for in their background checks. Do they do credit checks? I have no criminal or drug issues but I do have credit issues. Any helpful advice is appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Since you dont have criminal records or drug issue then you are likely to get hired. They would check to see if you ever declared bankruptcy. Normally someone who declares bankruptcy has really bad credit. If you have bad credit and you never declared bankruptcy, you should have no problem and it is nothing to worry about. They are most concerned with criminal records and drug issues.

    Do most banks conduct background checks before OR after they verbally offer a job to an applicant?
    I asked my older sister, whom is a HR Recruiter, and I also asked an HR person from another company. Both of them said that, in regards to the companies they work for, they do background checks, employment verifications, reference checks, etc. only after a verbally offer for a job has been made to an applicant.
    *verbal offer

    • ANSWER:

    Do most employers conduct background checks before or after verbally offering a job to an applicant?
    I asked my older sister, whom is a HR Recruiter, and I also asked an HR person from another company. Both of them said that, in regards to the companies they work for, they do background checks, employment verifications, reference checks, etc. only after a verbally offer for a job has been made to an applicant.
    *verbal offer

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, most of the companies do background check of the candidates they sent offers. Sometime they perform the basic check before sending the offer too.
      I have joined the company that checked y background after my joining and they clearly noted in the offer letter & also explained me while joining that if there will be any issue in the background check, I may not able to continue my job.
      And it has become an essential activity for all the companies to check the background of the employee for their previous employments, experience, educational qualification, addresses, references, etc. as their are many case happened that candidates presented the wrong information and enjoyed the job for a long time.

    Does anyone know of any apartments/homes that do not run background checks or credit checks?
    My fiance and I are searching for a place, I have an eviction on my record and he has a criminal background. We are finding it very hard to find a place that doesn't do background/credit checks. We are are also are looking for places that work with people who have evictions or criminal history.
    We are looking for a place in Tacoma, WA

    • ANSWER:
      You should probably stay where you are.

    Do background checks check high school grades?
    I just got done with a lifeguard interview and she said they have to wait for a background check before they can hire me. i didnt make very good grades this school year so can my grades affect my hiring? Or do they just look at criminal records?

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing on your current school record matters to employers unless they specifically state otherwise. Your background check is going to involve police records, previous employers and personal recommendations you put on your application.

    How long do records stay on background checks?
    I recently realized my previous employer, CVS, put coupon fraud on my background check. Because of that my background check comes up uncleared. How long would that stay on my background check? What is the best way to deal with this? Lawyers told me it was my fault and it would be difficult to win this case. Anyone recommend a lawyer in MD that can deal with this

    • ANSWER:
      You were not clear if you were criminally prosecuted or just were fired for coupon fraud.

      If you were criminally convicted of some kind of fraud, it will never go away unless 5 years go by and you received a full pardon from the governor.

      If however the coupon fraud is part of your employment record at CVS then it can stay as long as their policy allows or until you sue to have it removed. Acts you do during employment that are not criminally prosecuted are NOT part of any sort of public record. What happens is when you specify CVS as a previous employer, the company doing the background check just calls CVS to ask about your time there. And CVS will simply tell them that you did this while you worked for them.

      If you are guilty of the coupon fraud, you cannot sue CVS (this would basically be suing for defamation of character), because it is not a false statement.

      How to resolve this is entirely dependent on the type of company or agency you are applying to, because their background checks are all different. If the job application asks for the last 3 jobs, and CVS was more than three jobs back, you don't need to put them on the application and therefore the company you are applying to will never contact them. Similarly, the application may ask for all jobs in the last 3-5 years, and if it has been longer than that, again you don't need to list them.

    Do companies do background checks before or after they make you an offer for employment?
    If they do the background check after they give you offer for employment, then the offer would be contingent on passing the background check. If they do the background check before the offer, say between the first and second levels of interviews--this is what I am wondering about.

    Do companies do the background check during the interview process or after an employment offer has been given? Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      before the offer

    BackGround Checks?
    Is there a site I can do a background check free of charge

    • ANSWER:
      Not for free, the cheapest I believe is . 5 years ago there were many free ones, today they all want money.

    Are background checks done on a national database or a statewide one?
    I recently moved states and a lot of employers are running background checks. Will any information from jersey come up on background checks coming from north carolina?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there.

      If they conduct a county search only only information from the county comes up but I have never heard of a company only doing county searches. I've never seen any state-wide searches either but that is maybe what you get from the Sherrif's office /police?

      Most companies I've come across as well as all the searches I've done my self has been Nation Wide.


    I''m tired of all of these secrets!
    What website should I go to to check my Dad's Background?

    • ANSWER:
      peoplefinders is good because it gives you all the states that a person lived in. Then you can go to the state site and get more info such as any convictions ect.

    Do background checks show if you were fired?
    I have a job offer right now and they will be doing a background check. I was wondering if background checks show if you were fired or if they just show that you were employed and the time frame of your employment. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The employer doing the background check has to give you a copy of the background check report so you'll be able to see what they see. The background check copies that I have seen do not say specifically that the employee was fired, it just shows the name, address of the employer and the time frame you were employed with them.

      However, any employer that is trying to investigate you seriously to see your history will definitely call your former employers to ask about you. I have been told that by law the former employers cannot say anything negative about you, they are only allowed to state the facts such as "oh yes Brandon worked here from January of last year until July of this year, he was paid an hour, he worked in accounting doing reports for the year end sales, etc.". The thing is, the employers themselves were the ones who told me that they're not allowed to say anything negative about their former employees, but of course common sense says that with the contempt your former employer has from firing they will speak off the record about you, and usually they'll just do it on the record and not care since they feel they are doing your new employer a favor by not having them hire in their opinion, a substandard employee who doesn't deserve the job. You can't sue your fomer employer because your new employer will not tell you the real truth of why you were not hired, they'll just say something like "We have already filled the position."

    How in depth are background checks for wal-mart?
    I was going to apply for a job at walmart but, i don't know how in depth the background checks are. I know most companies only check for felonies.

    Would prefer anwsers from current or previous employees of walmart. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, I worked at Walmart from November of last year to December 26th as a temporary worker. I applied at I don't know how much they check, but just be honest to the questions. I don't have anything on my record, so I can't help you there.. I think they just check for felonies, and I know that they do drug test.

    Will hot checks show up on a background check?
    I had three hot checks out in the state of Arkansas and am currently trying to get a job with Walmart. I am currently going back and forth with the court system. I have been arrested for two of them. They are running a background check on me and I would like to know if they would show up?

    • ANSWER:
      Probably. A lot of the time hot check's are pretty hard to verify. But since you have been arrested and are actively involved in court activity, they will most likely show up. Check your county court's website and see if their records are online. If you can find them so can a background checking firm.

    What all do they check in military background checks for enlisting?
    Is it just a credit and criminal background check? What if you don't have any credit, will that screw you over?
    I'm not just worried 'bout the credit reports and all, but just all what they go through...I hate having my privacy invaded, though I guess in the military there IS no privacy.

    • ANSWER:
      Standard criminal background check includes arrests, warrants and convictions. Also credit checks.

    Do they do military background checks for teachers?
    When employers do background checks do they also check military records?

    • ANSWER:
      Military records are not public record since 9-11

    Question about getting background checks done through a website?
    Is there a website membership you can purchase to get multiple background checks?
    Something businesses use when they need to get background checks on all of their employees?

    I know that there are websites where you can purchase a background check on one individual, and it costs something like 0. I'm wondering if there is a membership where you can get as many background checks on as many people, basically whenever you need them, just by paying a single fee.


    • ANSWER:
      I am in charge of researching and testing for a consumer review site and have spent over 2 years now completely focused on all the different types of background checks. I have personally run multiple background checks using nearly every product out there. I tell you this first so you understand where I am coming from with this answer.

      If you are asking for a site that allows unlimited background checks for a set monthly fee for personal use then the answer is yes.

      If you want the same service for employment screening background checks then the answer is emphatically "no".

      The reason is that there is a vast difference between the "personal" background check sites you see all over the internet and the employment screening companies that are licensed to perform legally regulated background checks. Personal background check providers have no regulations so they are not beholden to any inaccuracies in their data. You just get what you get basically. Thus their reports are not allowed to be used by employers or renters to screen out candidates as there is no reliability in the data. These personal sites also are able to automate their processes so the reports are put together by a computer with little human involvement.

      Employment screening background checks, on the other hand, are highly regulated. Any provider must be licensed and each background check is conducted by a licensed private investigator who ensures, to the best of their ability that the data is accurate. These reports are allowed to be used to screen out applicants for employment or housing. Obviously the overhead for such a company far exceeds the automated processes involved in the cheaper personal background check market.

      I have probably overexplained this but the bottom line is that there is no way a licensed provider could provide unlimited employment background checks for a low monthly fee. They would lose money very quickly. The best they can offer is bulk rate discounts where the price per report is less if you contract to purchase a larger amount up front. This works great if you have a medium to large workforce requiring you to complete many background checks per yera.

      If you would like me to recommend the best sites I have worked with that are licensed to provide background checks for the purpose of employment screening at bulk rate discounts then email me at I do not charge any fees to help you out.

    No background checks or will hire a felon?
    Anyone know anywhere in Dallas TX that will hire a felon with a background check that is dislosed before the check that there is a conviction? Or any place that will hire you that doesn't do background checks?

    • ANSWER:

      Did you know that President Clinton is a felon?
      Did you know many in our congress are felons?

      If they can get a job, then most certainly any felon should get a job.

      Mark Furhman is a commentator on Fox News pled n/c to a felony charge of lying under oath during the trial of oj simpson.
      It is called perjury.

      There are different classes of felonies. Some you can get expunged.

      Good luch on the job search.

    Can background check agencies reuse old background checks?
    If a background check agency conducted a background check on me in the past, can they reuse this background check report for all further background check requests on me in the future?

    • ANSWER:

    Is there anywhere on the internet to do free background checks w/o signing up for anything?
    i know a lot of places charge a ton for background checks, and they definitely give good detail, those background checks that are paid for, but is there any site where you don't have to sign up at all? and one that doesn't involve a trial?

    • ANSWER:
      Check history, that question is asked a few times a week here.

    do they do background checks when your hired at a gym?
    i just got hired at a gym, and i was wondering if they do background checks and if they do what kind of background checks like convictions or what?please help.

    • ANSWER:
      Usually those background checks are done before beign hired; but nothing stop them from doing the background check after being hired.

      And "yes", OBVIOUSLY they would be interested in learning about any past conviction.

      Will they do the check? We have no idea since we are not your employer.

      So if you have something to hide, you are advised to be a "model employee" and don't make any trouble.

      If you were lucky to be hired without a background check, then don't ruin everything by giving your employer a reason to doubt about you.

    What time of Information does the IRS check during employment background checks? How deep do they dig?
    They are using the OPM for the background check? I was required to give employment infomation from 7 yrs back. My employment history is not perfect!

    • ANSWER:
      The only thing they are allowed to verify is when you worked and where you worked. They can't ask anything else. Not even if you are eligible for rehire.

    What kind of background checks do they do on Americans visiting Canada?
    Are there any background checks for American citizens visiting Canada? I have a court date in a few months for a misdemeanor marijuana charge and I am thinking about visiting Canada with some friends during my month off from college over winter break. Do they look that kind of stuff up, and if so, would I be unelgible to cross the border? I visited Mexico a couple of years back by (legally) walking over the border at Tijuana and nobody even checks you when you cross over, there were no guards or anything, only when you're trying to get back in to America do they do a check. Is it the same for Canada? I plan to do the same for my trip to Canada, visit a border city and just walk over the border.

    • ANSWER:
      You should be fine. I have never been stopped for long going to Canada.

    What does Walmart check for in background checks?
    The day I signed the papers to approve a background check. My friend got pulled over and I had no idea he had marijuana. So I got charged with marijiana and paraphernalia possesion, I should get a lawyer to get them dropped. But will Walmart not hire me because of this? Will it show up? I live in MO. It was my first time ever! Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      If the do the check before you are found guilty, then they probably won't see it. This will be on your permanent record for your whole life and any company that checks your record for any employment will see it. Yes, you should get a lawyer to fight charge and get it removed if it really wasn't in your possession. However, in some states, you are automatically guilty by just being in the same car as a person who is carrying illegal contraband.

    How is requiring background checks to purchase a gun taking away your rights?
    should guns be as easy to buy as a candybar? The background checks are there to make sure your not a convicted criminal or mentally ill. How is that taking away your rights?
    why make it easier for insane people to buy a gun?

    • ANSWER:
      Instant background checks don't "take away" rights IF they are done properly and the system works properly.

      A "false positive" takes away your rights. These don't happen (I'm told) as much as they did in the past but they do happen.

      The "tracking" of gun buyers amount to illegal registration. When an instant check is done it should simply be a GO or NO GO answer from the NICS people. Why does the store have to tell them how many guns you are buying and what type they are?

      Charging me money ( here in NJ) is an unConstitutional tax on a basic civil right.

      Why should I have to go through an "instant check" and be extorted out of when my state requires that I first obtain a purchase permit that includes a comprehensive background check. Do you really think that your instant check will turn up something that my comprehensive 30 day check missed? Get serious!

      What about when the NICS system is down/closed? I don't know if its nationwide but here in NJ checks can only be done during certain hours and can't be done on Sundays at all. That's an absolute denial of my rights.

      I don't mean to suggest that "shall not be infringed" allows "reasonable" restrictions as it clearly does not but look at it in free speech terms. What if you couldn't say anything political after certain hours or on certain days because the people who fact-check your statements/opinions aren't working at the moment. What if the newspapers couldn't publish anything without first having it checked for accuracy? Actually, since most major newspapers put such deliberately misleading slants on thier stories such a restriction would probably reduce crime!

      All of this is not even mentioning that the whole thing flies in the face of the American standard of "innocent until proven guilty". Here you are assumed to be guilty and treated as such until you prove otherwise.

      "why make it easier for insane people to buy a gun?"

      While the media likes to play up these things because it plays into their subversive agenda, the truth is that these things happen so rarely that they are statistically nonexistant.

      We would save a lot more lives by requiring installation of testers in every car that would take a sample of the driver's blood every time the car was started and prohibit operation if there was any alcohol or drugs present. Think that's far fetched? Official estimates run as high as 10% of all vehicles on the road on a Saturday night are being operated by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs yet less than 0.01% of gun owners ever do anything bad with a gun.


    What kind of background checks do hospitals do for prospective employees?
    In detail which kinds of backgroud checks do they do, for nursing or x ray technician ?
    Do they do Criminal, credit? or civil litigation background checks?
    Specifically also, if they do a civil litigation check? thanks
    are you sure they do civil litigation checks? someone please answer

    • ANSWER:
      criminal and credit only , civil is NOT criminal and does not concern them unless it was secondary to a criminal proceeding

background checks background checks

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