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    how do i find people by cell phone numbers for free?

    • ANSWER:
      Walk into any cellular service store and ask when you can upgrade your phone. The sales associate will ask you for your cell phone number. Give them the number whose owner you wish to find. They will answer as such:

      "Mr. XXX?"... (you've got it!)
      "This says it's an invalid number..." (go to another carrier's store [t-mobile, verizon, sprint, etc])
      "Can I see some ID?" (go to another store, same service provider, find a younger employee)

    Is there any phone software to find mobile numbers of near by standing people?
    Is there any phone software to find mobile numbers of near by standing people?
    is there any phone software for n72 to find mobile numbers of near by standing people secretly? such as spy software for finding mobile number of near by mobile phones....??? how to download it for free

    • ANSWER:
      sorry that is not possible unless you are the government.

    how to find someone by their phone number?
    is there anyway we can search people by their phone number for free to find out who they are? im in australia and everything i find on the net is american and for a fee. can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:
      There's a reverse phone lookup at

      Just type in the number and if it's listed you'll get some results. It's free (as is, for that matter, everything featured on our site: free directory assistance, free driving directions, and free reverse phone lookup).

    How to find someone's name by phone number for free?
    I got a text from someone I don't know today, and I would just like to check the number to figure out if they are who they say they are. While I'm at it I'd like to check a number from a few months back.
    I have the numbers on my phone, so I can type them in the computer, I just refuse to spend money finding out if a person is who they say they are, so where can I type in the number and then find out who these people really are?

    • ANSWER:
      No where. There are no free cell phone directories.

    Does anyone know a website for looking up people by their phone numbers?
    There has been this number texting me. I called & they picked up, then hung up, therefore I couldn't here their voice mail. It is a girl, but they keep messing with me. I cannot find out who it is. Ive tried searching online but everything wants to charge me. Does anyone know a free website I can search this person on. Please help me.

    • ANSWER:

    I need a list of free USA web sites for finding people by addresses and cell phone numbers, can you help?

    • ANSWER:

      hope this helps.

    People search by phone number
    Can anyone tell my how to find out a persons name by there phone number online for free?

    • ANSWER:
      Websites like AnyWho allow you to do a Reverse Lookup. A Reverse Lookup allows you to enter a phone number, which will give you the person's name and address, if applicable.

    Trying to get name by phone number free?
    I am trying to find a sit where I can enter a phone number and get a name for free. These people keep harassing me and they know everything about me and I really just wanna figure out who they are..They know literally everything about me. Like where I live who I live with and my age. And nobody knows all of those things. My friends don't even know how old I am. When I tell them they are like really!? I really wanna figure out who they are!! Thanks(: I have looked at several different sites and have entered their numbers but all I get is a city and state.

    • ANSWER:
      :( That's really creepy but no free way to do it, sorry but if you try online searches like 'People Finder" etc they charge a small fee from on up for searches.

      Hire a private detective is the best way if someone has that kind of money.

    how do i fin people by cell phone?
    How do find the phone number and name of a person using a particular Cingular cell phone, a phone number, recently someone text ed me and I want to know who's that person. can u give me some web page? for free? thank you

    • ANSWER:
      There are no truly free sites as cell phone records are NOT public records. To get the information requires that records searches be performed by a legitimate agency and they DO charge for this. You will find all kinds of sites that claim to be "free" but all you will get for free is the city and state. I have tried my personal cell phone number in many of these sites and they do not give correct info even at that. They usually come back and tell me that it is a landline number, which I know it is not

    AVG Internet Security - How do I get in touch with these people by phone?
    I paid for and downloaded AVG. I cannot get it to install for one reason or another. I can find no phone number for tech support on their site and have emailed them twice. I have rec'd an email back assigning me a case number, but nothing since. I want my money back now - not help, because if this is how their tech support works, I will spend my money elsewhere (any suggestions on what's the best?) Any idea of how I can get in touch with AVG?
    BTW, I did have AVG Free before.

    • ANSWER:
      Office in Newark,Notts. tel.08448941000

    Does anyone know any sites that you can track a person by their cell phone for FREE?
    Or may I use your own username and password is your subscribed to look up a few people? I dont wanna ask my mom for he credit card because then she will find out. So if anyone has a membership to a site and it gives information can I use yours?

    • ANSWER:
      Since there are no such sites (and they would probably be illegal if there were), it's rather irrelevant whether you borrow mom's credit card.

    how to find people?
    does anyonw know how to find people by their phone numbers for free. im looking for somwone and i have the # but cant find. anybody know of any free website. every site i try they ask for credit card. plz help

    • ANSWER:
      I too, tried to find people without having to pay a fee.

      Very frustrating.....

      You might run across the information you are looking for free, but you will waste a lot of precious time searching.

      There is a reason why everyone's contact info isn't readily available online for free.

      I found a great source to educate myself on finding people by searching public records.

    Search for people for free?
    I took a Mass Communication course where the professor mentioned and showed us a webpage where u could find people by their name of phone #. It was free to look at some information, but u had to pay for other info...i'm trying to find the site but I don't remember. I remember it was greenish.

    I've tried other sites but u have to pay to see any info. I know the first name, phone # and address of the person, but I wanna know the last name.

    Any sites where u can find this info for free?

    • ANSWER:
      You can find for free if you know both the names. However in this site you can search people by hpone. Find the relevant link in this site itself. I am afraid you have to pay for this option.

    The best deal for People records?
    I have searched all over the internet for the absolute best offer.
    So far the best I found was at
    Anyone know of a better deal?

    I have searched:

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    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, you're really thru!

    About a free people search?
    I keep trying to find people by using free people search but I have to pay in order to get the info that I need like addresses or phone numbers. Is there a way I can that info for free. I really want to find a long lost friend. How can I do this? Thank You in advance for your answers.

    • ANSWER:
      ONE PAY


    how to search people address by their cell for free?
    i want to find out people address and status from their cell phone

    • ANSWER:
      you cant.

    where can i find a free way to track were someone is by there cell phones?
    so my boyfriend keeps lying to me about where he is and i no it because people tell me they saw him were he said he iwant to cath him in his i wanna track his cell phone but really dont wanna pay for it...SUMMONE PLEASE HELP..cuz if he really really is doin shit he not spozed 2 do im gunnna fuck his ass up :O)

    • ANSWER:

    what site can i go to and find people's address an/or phone number?
    im looking for a free site that i can obtain phone numbers with the address an/or address by the phone number.

    • ANSWER:

      although if the people you are looking for aren't listed then you have to pay for it.

    how do i find someone in a different country using their phone number?
    i really need 2 know where a website is that i can track people for free by using their telephone number
    [im trying 2 surprise my bro 4 the holidays]
    sooo please helllp :)

    • ANSWER:
      for free???hmm. reverse lookup is what it sounds like your looking for. 10 bucks max i believe. good luck. any search engine will take you there.

    What are some good free search websites to find people?
    I've been trying to look for somebody's new address and they moved in the end of December 2007 and I've looked at all kinds of websites like and other free search websites. What website is most up to date over where people live? What other ways can you find out where people live too? Besides the phone book. Thank you to all who answer!! By the way, I'm not a stalker. I just need to know where they live in case I want to send them something. I can't ask them or they will think I'm weird and wonder what my problem is.

    • ANSWER:

      Go thru this link

      ~Good Luck....

    Are there any free numbers to call to get through to Orange customer services?
    I have an Orange pay as you go SIM card.

    I am aware of the following contact information on the Orange website:

    pay monthly mobile customers -

    Just call 150 from your pay monthly phone or 07973 100 150 from any other phone.

    pay as you go mobile customers -

    Simply dial 450 from your pay as you go phone or 07973 100 450 from any other phone.

    I can dial 450 from my pay as you go phone free of charge, but if I want to talk to customer services, the call will then become chargeable, and because I don't have any credit on my SIM, I can't continue with the call. But what I really want to know is how to get through to them for free, if it is possible. I can't top up anyway (then call them), because I don't have a 4-digit ID code, which Orange customers need, and in fact that is the reason I want to talk to customer services, to try and get my code!

    As stated, Orange provide this alternative number - 07973 100 450 for pay as you go customers to call. Looks like a mobile number to me. If I call this number using inclusive minutes I have to any network any time from another SIM of mine (Vodafone), will it be free? Or will it still be charged?

    I searched on Google for a free number to Orange and found this - 0800 100 450 - posted on I tried to call it, but it didn't work - I just got a constant bleep.

    I have searched Yahoo answers already for similar questions and found one, but the only answer given was this - "Go to the Orange website and get customer services to call you back.". I couldn't find out how to do this, however, on their website.

    I walked into an Orange shop (to bypass calling customer services on phone and just talking to someone directly) and asked them about how I can go about getting a 4-digit ID code, but they said I should have had it texted to me when I first inserted my SIM into my phone, and that if I don't have it, there's not much I can do. But on the Orange website, it clearly says if you have forgotten or you don't know your code, you can call Orange customer services to resolve the problem. I am sure I didn't get a text from Orange stating my 4-digit ID code. So that is why I am trying to contact customer services by phone, to get this code, but want to do it without getting charged.

    I have tried enquiring by email to Orange, but am still waiting for a response, but mainly I am making an issue of this just so that other people who are in a similar boat to me and want to contact Orange for free by phone, can find this question on Yahoo answers, and hopefully some good answers too.

    So to summarise, are there any free numbers to Orange, apart from 0800 100 450?
    Is 07973 100 450 free using inclusive minutes?
    Farah - 0800 0790440 seems to be a number to call when you want to join Orange.

    Are there any numbers to call to get through to the mobile customer services (that are free)?

    • ANSWER:
      Ok if you dial 07973100450 from another network then yes it will be taken from that persons inclusive minutes...if you choose to call from a landline it's charged at local rate and not mobile rate.

      You can still top up without your 4 digit ID code...just use a voucher or top up swipe card (to register one dial 450, options 1,3,1) and a call to an advisor is 25p for the duration of the call.

      If you call customer service from any other phone other than your own DO NOT enter your mobile number because if you do it'll ask for your ID code...simply wait on the line until it automatically connects you to an advisor (it will prompt you approx 3 times for your mobile number).

      As for what you were told in the Orange store it's correct. The ID code comes through via text with confirmation of your mobile number and it only comes through once.

      Hope this helps =)

      P.S. There is no free number to contact Orange Customer Service.

    how can you find people for free?
    I'm a 17 year old female.
    My mom left us when I was in 5th grade and I would love to find where she as at by using the Internet the only problem is i have no money and no credit card on a few website i think i found her but you have to have a credit card to get there current address and phone number
    if you know of any websites that can help me find my mom for free that would be a lot of help.
    please and thank you
    Thank you so much
    I found her on some website but it wont give me and information on her because i dont hve a credit card
    neither does me dad

    • ANSWER:

    Is there a site that has free online counseling?
    Well I've already looked for a while so now I've come for help from everyone here in hopes you all can find an answer.
    What I need is a free cause I can't afford to pay yeah I am not rich but yeah ummm counseling by hopefully skilled people. Now it has to be online though, it can't be by phone. But online chat or by email works for me.
    If you could answer this question I would be really thankful.

    • ANSWER: they are really good! everything is confideital unless you tell them there name and that and they think you are at risk, you have to sign up but they are on sometimes and sometimes not, but theres alot of them on there and they are really helpfull! hope this helps!! xx

    I need help finding a website that helps you find people for 100% free?
    I am trying to find a website where you can search for someone's CURRENT phone number and get results for 100% free(no hidden fees)......I am trying to search for a relative.....I have tried almost every website possible but......I am hoping that there is at least 1 website that offers these services for......The websites that I have tried always ask you 2 sign up first....THEN they tell you that you have to pay for a membership or pay for it by credit card.........If you could help by trying to find only one website it would help
    Thank you so much in advance

    • ANSWER:

    Please help with "how to find mother" on line. any free, no hidden charges sites i can use? ?
    every free people finder i go into ends up costing. im looking for phone number, address, email, something to help me locate her. is there really a way to do this free? the years are just passing by fast, its been 21 years since i have seen my mom. she has a grandchild and great grandkids. please help with any "how to's" so i can reunite my family. thanks a million.

    • ANSWER:
      best i can think of is kgbpeople which is free but not very good

    Where can I download free ringtones to transfer to my cell phone via USB?
    I don't want to send them by text message and i don't have internet on my phone. I just want to download them to my computer and then transfer them to my phone through the USB cord.

    So does anyone know where I can find FREE ringtones to download. I'm looking for real songs too, not tones or people talking.

    Appreciate the help. :-)

    • ANSWER:
      ventones .com

      free site .

    How can I find people interested in a work at home business that can be done any where in the world?
    I am part of a global business that is very easy to do and does not require you to have any prior experience. The first 7 days are FREE. Any guidance that is needed is provided by your sponsers.

    I am looking for people from all over the world.

    If you or someone that you know is interested in a work from home world wide business contact me with your name, e-mail address and phone number so that I can contact you with the information needed to get you started.

    • ANSWER:
      learn Internet marketing

    Is their a way to search people by their name?
    and find out their place of employment, phone number, and address?

    I'm not a stalker, I'm trying to find my Mom's Dad because she hasn't seen him in years.

    I know the state and country he lives in, i just all the other info. It would be great if you can give me a website that can do all this. But most importantly I don't want to have to pay for some kind of package to get the complete info. Free please :)
    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      That is possible. Non-sensitive information may be easy to get from the Web. Try out online people search sites like

    Does anyone know a way to find out somebody's e-mail address by using their age and full name for free online?
    I would like to surprise some people I knew from the past, by e-mailing them. But I don't know their number, address, and don't have any other way to contact them. The only thing I know is their full names. I do believe they have computers and internet access. So I was wondering if there's a way to find out their e-mail address. I mean, if we can find some phone numbers in the yellow book...why not use the same method to find e-mail addresses? I guess...right? Well, if you or someone you know can answer this question for me, please do. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      My guess would be to pay for a people search. Odd you wouldn't have their phone number but have their full name. You're going to have to pay for that information, nothing like that will be free, anywhere you go.

    Where to find a free download for converting WMA to MP3 music files?
    Hello all,

    How do people manage to get the music from Cd's onto their mp3 players?

    Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I upload the Cd by using the rip facility on the media player and these are then saved as .wma files....However to enable the upload onto the mp3 player ( mobile phone) it needs to be converted to a .mp3 file

    Is there any site recommended where I can download this convertor for free? or am i doing it wrong to start with or how can I upload in mp3 format from the cd in the first place?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to and download that free program. Then you need to get the plug-in which it will tell you about and your all sorted then. It's a simple, easy to use program that won't let you down

      Good Luck

    Which websites help you locate people and do reverse ph# searches for free?
    I am looking for an old friend, and I want to know if there is a website I can go to to search for her by name. I also want to know how can I find out what address is connected to a phone number. Give me the info for the free sites if you can!

    • ANSWER:
      Dear friend, have U tried in the google? I don't think if there's any website that will give to U address and phone number. But good luck. See ya.

      star 4U.

    where can I find my pal's phone number or e-mail address for free?
    He lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, according the last news that i had from him since 2001. I'm trying to get in touch with him . His last e-mail address is not reachable and my mails returned by Postmaster's managment. He is a retired Navy serviceman. According to some info from Intelius People Search he had been moving a lot during his service. Can anyone look him up on a local phone directory and let me know?

    • ANSWER:
      You can search for him online at the attached page.

    How do I find people?
    I want to find this one kid an where he lives to surprise him that im here in the ca lol but I don't know where he lives cannot look him up for free he's In high school. Can I look him up by his phone number? Help!!!

    • ANSWER:
      try using, ive found quite a few people on there

    How do I find people selling Land Rovers?
    Sorry this is long but please read, thanks.

    Explanation needed I feel: - I've created a site for people to list their Land Rovers (LR) to sell/swap (whatever) for free and am getting quite a few hits from a LR forum but also am getting found by natural Google search already (about 2 per day - site less than a week old).
    I noticed from the stats that visitors look at the home page and then go straight to their region to see what LR's are being sold.
    How do I go about finding people who are selling their Land Rovers without seeming like I'm competing with a Land Rover site or worse 'spamming' on a forum?
    My site is free and sellers can list anywhere else they like, eBay, Loot, AutoTrader, club site wherever so I feel it's complimentary rather than competing.
    So I need Land Rover sellers desperately. Am I right in thinking it might be better to approach clubs by phone maybe as all of this makes hellish over long emails?

    Thanks for reading.

    site is:
    Thanks very much everyone, I will leave this to a vote for best answer - too much work too little me.

    Thanks once again all.


    • ANSWER:
      You can find out dealers on Google Maps.

      Just click on the "Find Business" tab and then type in "Land Rover dealers". The results should appear.

    Psychic Readings By Madam Laura also available for partys?
    Hello My Name is Madam LAURA,

    I'm a psychic/analysis love specialist , I have help many people in love and relationships I can help guide you to find out what is the he or she thinking

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    • ANSWER:
      How much do you charge for parties?

    is there any where on the Internet to do a free background check on someone ,like using there cell phone?
    number or there home phone number or there home address.reason im asking this is,because i put trust in a mechanic,who i was told by many well known people in my small town ,i had saved for 18 months to buy the parts for my car and then to get insurance on it, and then i really thought i did a good job of finding the right person to fix my car and then he was supposed to fix it,well he did alright,it ran well for 2days ,i had ask him to install a new clutch kit and rear bushings ihad bought,sigh,he knew i was on disibilty and this was all the car and money i had in the world and i cant beleive some people take advantage of ladies and the disable,now what do i do,ive tried calling his cell phone number, and get his ansering machine,the place where he worked said he has not been seen,unfortunantly he worked on my car outside the shop ,i know i was stupid,but the shop where he worked wanted 4 grnad to fix my car and he did it for less,please can any one help me ?

    • ANSWER:
      Supposedly there is but when you put in number nothing comes up. Amazingly when you upgrade you get a person's number.

    Where can I find help for people who have lost someone to suicide?
    I have a friend/coworker who lost her girlfriend to suicide back in february. she's still extremely upset about it and it controls her everyday life. I've done everything I can to help her including covering shifts, talking to her, helping her everyway i can, but i'm exhausted physically and emotionally and i can no longer help her anymore, at least for a little while and it seems everyone else is feeling the same, so, i need help finding her a free counseling service, she has no insurence. I was thinking either in person (we live in the southern mid-michigan area. or by phone, she is unwilling to go to group therapy. if any of you could give me phone numbers or something like that would be wonderful. thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      i'm not sure it's to help HER, but your friend can help prevent other people from taking their lives.
      check out ToWriteLoveOnHerArms.

      please help and support them.

    i have lost my connection with friend in usa and cant find her,how can i find on line for free? just number?
    so hi.i have lost my friend's who is from usa,phone number ,address,e-mail address. now i'm trying to find her on line, but it's impossible for free, they ask money by credit card for information,but i can't pay because i'm not from us,and we don't have credit cards here.i ask you to show me the right address online(people search).thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Well you can always try the good old white pages

      1. click on white pages
      2. enter your information
      3. narrow down your search

      Good luck of course if her number is unlisted you will not find it without paying for a background check from one of those sites.

    What are the list of free cell phone upgrades from the LG VX5200?
    My little brother has an old Verizon LG VX5200 cell phone and my mom is planning to get an upgraded cell phone model that's free since I lost my cell phone (Samsung Glyde =[ ). Anyone know where I can view the list of free cell phones besides the Verizon Wireless site? I currently don't have my mom's account info and stuff to browse the site instead and she won't be home for a day or so. Or can just give me a list and I can just Google their features and stuff. What I'm really looking for is a phone with at least touch screen capabilites, internet browsing, and possibly a QWERTY keyboard.
    Also, something a bit off track, how do you do this thing where you can put like .WAV files from your computer onto your phone or something and use them as ringtones? I also heard how some people Email the file to themselves and access it from their phone. Because there's a certain ringtone I want and can only get it by downloading the file and I don't know what to do from there. But I'm currently looking for a site where I can get it through text messaging, found one so far but I don't think the LG VX5200 has internet capabilites to access the link. Basically I just want the Metal Gear Solid Codec Ringtone xD.

    • ANSWER:

    IS the EU organised by the people for the benefit of the people?
    I recently answered this Question from joe b

    What do you think about the U.K. govt. spying on emails and phone calls?
    Hey we had socialists and capitalists. This bunch of tossers doesn't know where they stand.
    If we're not careful we'll end up with a National Socialist liberalism powered by a Maoist spirit of free enterprise.

    He voted my answer as the best, but accused me of being paranoid about the EU. I found this annoying and without foundation. What is true is that I am yet to be convinced that the EU is organised in the interests of the EU citizens. Perhaps there is someone out there can convince me that the EU is benefiting anyone but the Commissioners and their civil servants.

    • ANSWER:
      The EU originally EEC, its the latter organisation that the British people voted to join and that is the only mandate the British Governments have been given by the people. One of the points made by those in favour of joining was if we do not join the EEC tariff barriers would make expensive if not impossible to trade with the member states of the EEC. Well that did not last long the EU is now a free trader and the people have certainly not benefited from this. Have ever wondered why the UK has little manufacturing industry you remember them they made machine tools, your laths, shapers. milling machines. circular saws, planning machines, little or none of this industry left. Remember the textile manufactures, shirts suites and socks etc, none left. Have you notice there are no shortage of these good for sale in the UK. Remember how New Labour and the trade unionist blame Maggie Thatcher. Well they lied to you. it’s the policy of the EU and New Labour to give industry to the middle and Far East. In many cases Factories were closed and move lock stock and barrel out of the UK. The technology and expertise gathered over years given away. Hundreds of thousands of job have lost to the far and middle east. This is leading to impoverishment in the UK and the EU.
      Many time I here that people from the EU states are coming here to work and that they are working for less. The effect is to keep wages level down a policy of the EU. You hear New Labour shouting about bringing a minimum wage at the rate things are going we will al be on minimum wage. But that’s part of the EU hidden agenda, they say that they are trying to improve the lot of the third world. I am reminded of the Abraham Lincoln remark “You can’t strengthen the weak by weakening the strong” .It as true today as the day he made it.
      The EU commissioners have elusive rights to initiate and draft legislation. The EU parliament cannot initiate or repeal legislation! The commission can issue “regulations” without reference to anyone. Once they have gone through European Parliament they become law immediately without reference to the UK parliament.
      The commissioners themselves are not a bunch you would buy a second car from. One M. Jacques Barrot is an embezzler he was convicted of embezzling 26m Euros from the French Government. He got barred from office for two year and got an eight month suspended sentence. Not the punishment that I think fits the crime, you get more than that for dropping litter. But what do I know.
      Then we have our own our very own Neil Kinnock member of the Santer commission, they were forced to resign because of serious financial corruption. What happen next, Neil Kinnock is appointed as commissioner in charge of tackling EU fraud. Whatever he did while doing that job it made no difference corruption is still at the same level, might even be greater.
      Then we have our own our very own Peter Madelson (grandson of that old Labour politician one time Foreign Secretary whose name escapes me for the moment) and sacked twice from the Blair Government over allegations of corruption. Now trade commissioner allowing jobs to leak from the UK. A traitor to the UK workers.
      In the continental states of the EU corruption is an accepted way of life. The electors continually vote corrupt politicians into office knowing full well that they are corrupt.
      The EU accounting system is less reliable the accounts of your average corner shopkeeper. The EU commissioners have failed find an accountant will to sign off the books as true and fair view. That last accountant the commission appointed took one look at the books reported a mass of irregularities to the commissioner. The accountant was told to ignore them and sign the books off when she refused she was sacked and then vilified by the commission.
      It estimated between 5 and 8% of the EU budget is unaccounted for each year
      In the UK our birthright is our freedoms and our rights. Well you can say good-bye to these that are being taken away- In the EU there will be only privileges that can be withdrawn.
      This will not bother the commissioners they are above the law.They have put themselves above the law they cannot be charged with any criminal or civil offence. Nobody can examine their computers, look into their filing cabinets; they cannot be force to testify. The commissioners are totally immune from prosecution for any decision they take, things they say or write. That’s not just while they are commissioner its for life.
      If memory serves me correct there are proposals to make criticising the Commission a crime.
      .All I would say is write to your MP and demand a referendum on the issue of in or out, don’t do it tomorrow do it now. If they bow to this demand, vote out!
      I could write moiré much more but leave that for another day.

    Do you own a smartphone and what do you think of the recent study which found that people who own smart-phones?
    are 300% more likely to face disciplinary action and/or be fired from their jobs?

    (The number one and two causes for people being fired were 1. Being spotted by supervisors playing with their phones when there was a project with a tight deadline. and 2. Employees being cited for insuboordination for making "shush-like" gestures to their bosses while they were relating to their phone instead of paying attention to their boss.) The study compared owners of iPhones or Android mobile devices to individuals who take the most basic free phone option that's offered to then when they renew their cellular service plan.
    @ LMD - this is probably the only thing that you and I will ever agree on.

    • ANSWER:
      I own a smart phone because they are by far superior to regular phones. That said, I only use my phone during lunch breaks. If people I see one of my pharmacy techs playing with their phone, they will be reported to the store owner, rightfully so.

    Where can I find a *free* audio file converter?
    I'm making a song, but I'm recording with the windows voice recorder program. The recordings only save into a WMA file and wma files are not compatible with Audacity, which makes combining my voice with the instrumental impossible . I tried recording with Audacity but it won't record separate from my instrumental and I get alot of noise distortion. Does anybody know where I can find a free audio file converter?

    For people who tell me to not be cheap and buy one, I would but I only make anywhere from 0.00 to .00 a week depending on how many hours I get at McD's. This week I only worked 3 days, and next week I'm down to one day. Thank God for the fact that my apartment is 5.00 a month with all utilities paid, but I'm behind by 0.00 on my internet and phone bill. My wife's disability check is keeping us from being homeless, meanwhile we're starving from middle to last part of the month.
    Computer King, thanks for finding this converter.
    Also, thanks to everybody else who answered. Y'all were great, good lookin' out!!!

    • ANSWER:

    Is there a way to locate a long lost friend and get results that are really free and include a phone number?
    I have tried many different search engines and "people finder" sites. Anytime I find something remotely helpful I am always aske for my credit card number!! I want something that is free of charge and actually useful! I need to find my friend! His name is Jeremy Johnson, he moved to Johnson City, Tennessee a few years ago and I have not spoken to him in two years. I came close to finding him about a year ago. He was working at a Wendy's in Johnson City on State of Franklin Drive. He goes by the nickname "Mesh." If anyone knows him, where to contact him, or a better way for me to find him for free, please respond.

    • ANSWER:
      Please go to the following website: Find anyone, anywhere. Public record, people search service, and more.

      Enter in the name of the person you are looking for and feel free to select the state you knew last the person was in, and look at the matches you make with that.

      Also go to Free People Search Engine. The #1 Free People Search and Public Information Search Engine and then enter the person's name where it says: Enter a Full Name and Click Submit, and look at the Results. Hope you find who you are looking for!

    Help me find a phone with Wi Fi, e-mail, GPS ...?
    Hello nice people, I am shopping for a phone, which comes with a plan preferably by T mobile(or other good provider). I want to be able to use it on hot spots for e-mail, also it will be nice if it has a gps navigator that is built in(or I could install - how?)and I could use for free anytime I wont , without need to connect to some kind of network. Also it will be nice if I could upload some extras from my pc :). I do not care about radio and mp3. Windows sounds familiar...but not a must
    Thanks in afvance :)

    • ANSWER:
      T-Mobile doesn't carry a phone that has integrated GPS, and Wi-Fi. The only phones that carry your description are linked here:

      Use's phone finder to narrow the results for what you may be looking for. You can also use an external bluetooth GPS puck/mouse with a bluetooth phone and mapping software for navigation purposes, but then you would need to have an extra external device to carry around with you. The phone that I recommend is the Nokia N95-3, which is what I own, and has everything that you mention, however you have to purchase it outright since no carrier sells it. Price: ~0.

    Why do I have so much free time to ask these questions?
    Could it be the economy? Or am I stupid?
    Economy. Stupid. Where have I heard that before?
    4 1/2% unemployement, but I'm sitting here, by the phone, waiting for my employer to call.
    The congress is about to legalize 12 million people, when they leave their crappy jobs to find better ones, will that cause a vaccum of illegal labor to fill the crappy jobs just vacated?
    Maybe I should go to college? Or wait are those jobs being exported too?
    Why am I waiting by the phone? If they told me on Friday that I wasn't going work until Tuesday I could have went home.
    The hours I worked prior earned 36 hours off, I live 600 miles by car from where I work, if I drove 70 mph, how much quality time would I have with my family? Don't forget about rest I don't want to drive drowsy.
    Am I a lazy American?
    Do I know less about the effects of Illegal immigration than Mr. McCain?
    I'm middle class blue collar American worker, why am depending on Republicans?
    Why am I waiting by the phone?

    • ANSWER:
      You made my day. Great way of making your point! :)

    Should I get phone insurance?
    I'm writing a persuasive paper, and wanted to know if this is convincing.

    Why should you put insurance on your cell phone? For a few simple reasons.
    One, it will save you stress if anything were to happen to your cell phone.
    Two, it is a great value that saves you a lot of money.
    Three, accidents happen but you can be prepared.

    Let's say you were walking to your car when suddenly you drop your cell phone into a puddle of cold dirty water. Or one day you wake up and can't find your cell phone anymore. These type of events happen everyday to people like you and me, fortunately, insurance is there to help. Without insurance you would have to buy a new phone at full price which costs at least 200 dollars! If you have insurance you'll be saving yourself the stress of spending those 200 plus dollars, by getting a replacement phone for free if it's an electrical defect, or just 50 dollars if it's physically, or water damaged.
    The value is great because you would only pay 7 dollars a month to have the full coverage, which may seem like it will add up fast, but the value you're getting is not worth the gamble.
    Would you get cell phone insurance?

    Please let me know what is convincing and what isn't.

    • ANSWER:

      i would not reccomend getting insurance unless you have a fancy and high priced phone such as a blackberry etc. whenever there is an internal malfunction with your phone that is at manufacturers fault meaning not yours. they will replace your phone for free as long as there is no proof of water damage or markings on the exterior that show it has been dropped quite a few times or anythin that may have caused it to malfunction. if you are responsible and take at least satisfactory care of your belongings then you have nothing to worry about and the insurance is not needed.

    Should you get phone insurance?
    I'm writing a persuasive paper, and wanted to know if this is convincing.

    Why should you put insurance on your cell phone? For a few simple reasons.
    One, it will save you stress if anything were to happen to your cell phone.
    Two, it is a great value that saves you a lot of money.
    Three, accidents happen but you can be prepared.
    Let's say you were walking to your car when suddenly you drop your cell phone into a puddle of cold dirty water. Or one day you wake up and can't find your cell phone anymore. These type of events happen everyday to people like you and me, fortunately, insure is there to help. Without insurance you would have to buy a new phone at full price which cost atleast 200 dollars! If you have insurance you'll be saving yourself the stress of spending the 200 plus dollars, by getting a replacement phone for free if it's an electrical defect, or just 50 dollars if it's physically, or damaged.
    The value is great because you would only pay 7 dollars a month to have the full coverage, which may seem like it adds up fast, but the value you're getting is not worth the gamble.
    Would you get cell phone insurance?

    Please let me know why.

    • ANSWER:
      I always get the insurance, because I know myself. I tend to be careless, and sometimes drop my phone as I get out of my car because it has been sitting in my lap. Also, I have a temper, and have smashed a couple cell phones in the past. Its also easier to pay the insurance every month rather than have to shell out 0+ at one time for a new phone.

      a month? I only pay 4.99/mo with AT&T...

    Why wont boost mobile internet work on my phone, which is an unlocked 3 phone?
    I recently found my old 3 phone, which i preferred over my current phone which i bought from an optus shop. I realised i could unlock my 3 phone for free, which i did, and then started to use it with my optus (boost) sim card.
    It all works fine aprt from the internet connection. It still tries to access the internet through planet 3, and i can't find settings anywhere which will change this. The phone is a sony erricson m600i btw.
    Boost mobiles come preloaded with the software for accessing the internet, so i'm wondering if i won't be able to access it at all on my unlocked 3 phone..

    does anyone know how i can solve this problem or if there is any software i can download onto my phone, like a browser which will work? I can't find a download for the boost mobile browser thing on the internet n i dont really want to spend money on having it loaded on by the people at an optus shop..

    • ANSWER:
      You can't other than have it installed by Optus unfortunately. If you navigate to their support page it says it comes pre-loaded on Boost mobiles. With phones there's almost no way to load on new software by yourself, and considering that its not on the official website I would say to access it your probably best off either forgetting it or buying a Boost phone. But my advice would be to defiantly first call them, demand an answer as you are entitled to them.

    Can anyone help find a way to block my wireless internet service from other people?
    I have been having trouble with my internet connection recently. I called out a tech from my cable company to see if everything was connected right with my internet service. He couldn't find any problems with the modem, cable lines, or my computer. I have a month old computer and there should be absolutely no problem with it. I got disgusted one night while trying to do my state taxes online. The internet connection kept on being interrupted. So I got an idea to see how my network connection was doing. I opened up the network connection symbol on the toolbar and was floored. There were 8 different ones listed. I got curious and called my cable company at that moment. I talked to a representative and she thinks that since I'm living in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment that may other people are accessing my wireless internet service. It is protected by a password that the company gave me to use. I'm thinking that it probably can be pretty easy to get into the service with any computer or wireless card. I have very good anti-spy, anti-virus, and a strong firewall program installed on my computer. I'm just upset that someone maybe using my internet service for free. I pay a lot for having turbo wireless which makes up half of my cable bill. We need the wireless in this apartment because of no other cable outlets for my other computer in the bedrooms. We have a wall switch but it can only be used for cable TV.

    I had a good idea to turn off the modem on Sunday when I lost the internet signal for the third time. I heard people going down the stairs swearing because they lost their internet connection and couldn't play their games online.

    I'm moving from this apartment in the summer. The main question though is what can I do to limit the range or stop others from using my signal. I don't mind if my neighbor next to me uses the internet signal. She is a single mother of 2 boys while her husband is overseas in the Army. I just want to know that I can use what I'm paying for. When the others use my signal then it also does something to cause my internet phone not to work. Thanks

    • ANSWER:

    Why do people think America is free?
    Here I am just got out of college and at my first real job. I like windsurfing so I decided it would be a good idea to move to Florida. For the life of me I cannot find an apartment building own privately so I was forced to get stuck with an associated corporate owned building. The one and only thing I own and care about is my car. After I did everything right, parked nose in, parking sticker visible, my car get's towed the first month I'm in my new apartment.

    So here I am the one and only thing I own and care about is gone. I have no way to get to work, get food, go to the hospital if needed, get out of town if there was a hurricane. No cash since I feel it's only safe to keep cash in the one thing I own hidden deep away in it by the way. The association doesn't pick up their phone, the tow truck company is 20 miles away, the cops can't do anything even though it was illegally towed.

    The big picture is that I am literally stranded.

    So what am I supposed to do? I walked 10 miles to get to work and got 2 hours without pay. I walked back home which took another 2 hours. In Florida everything closes at 5pm. No one called me back during work from all my messages.

    I don't even own my car. All my other crap that's in my apartment is sitting in a building that I don't even own. Even if I owned it who says the government can't just take it away all away from you.

    I can't go no where else because this is sadly the best country in the world. I feel like the only way to live in this world is to fall of the grid. Sadly I'm not smart enough for that.
    @Troy Actually talk to someone who once was a sex slave. Find out how they really got there. You got to look at society as a whole and find out how one actually get stuck as a sex slave. Then come back to me and we'll talk about your comment.
    @Whisper If it was 300 years ago I would live perfectly fine. There was still materials that one owned even back then. There were tools just like today for hunting. If the only way you eat food was using your bow and arrow guess what? Your bow and arrow would become your best friend. The only way I am able to live is because my car takes me to the places I need to be. Happens to be it became my one major thing I cherish the most because of it. P.S. 300 years ago people stayed away from Florida. look at it's history. The invention of bug spray was a big deal.
    @livinyoungandwildandfreeorwhateveryournameis, Can you read? I called a taxi and all he would take was cash. The company is 20 miles away. They close at five and wont be open until Tuesday. I moved to fucking Florida. All my friends and family is back up north. You should use your brain when answering questions.
    @BS, Move to Florida. Everything closes at 5pm. The taxi I called only takes cash. I live far from work because it's all I can afford. You're the one who's not understanding the point you idiot.

    • ANSWER:
      You are free to go live in nature, set up a tent and hunt your own food. There are tons of people in the backwoods of Florida who do just that. I'm not joking. You are getting caught up in the material world, but what if you lived here 300 years ago... how would you survive?

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