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    Where can I search for names of people using their phone numbers?
    I found some places online that you can find people's phone numbers or addresses using their names. But where can I find a place online that lets you search using phone numbers instead?

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    how do you find peoples phone numbers tha are o2 for free.?
    i tried using white pages, etc, but they charge ya i the end.

    • ANSWER:
      Try a google white pages search.

    What link to find peoples phone numbers... REALLY.. for free? They say free but then no...they want $$$. help!?
    hi, white pages used to give info requested.... now they don't ... i have looked thru google so many links and they go to intellus etc. and ask for money.... appreciate your advice

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    how do i find where people live using there phone numbers?

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      If you know their phone number, go to

    does any know any actual free reverse search engines to find people. using cell, and lan line phone numbers?
    i have been trying to find free reverse search engines.
    using cell, telephone numbers.
    had one in the past.
    saved it to my favorites.
    and some how webroot deleted the info.
    any help in this is greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      This site offers reverse phone number and reverse address look up. If the number is a cell number it will tell you the carrier name and location only.

    Am I allowed to post random phone numbers I find on the Internet for key words on my website?
    I was just wondering if I'm allowed to use peoples phone numbers I find on backpage and other websites for keywords and post them to my website? They don't seem to be copyrighted?
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      That's certainly not illegal, though I wouldn't like it to happen to me. (Use whatever ethics you have.)

    Can u find people on facebook by their phone numbers?
    i want to figure out who cell phone my friend was using to call me cause she wont tell me and im hoping that the person wont start stalking me by constantly calling and texting me cause he has my number now. it has happen b4...

    • ANSWER:
      Not unless they have their cell as part of their public info.

    do police officers have access to finding peoples phone numbers for personal reasons?
    i know this girl who use to date a police officer several years ago,she lost contact with him and he recently called her at her new number,she changed her number again and within a day he was able to call her again at the her new number. how would this officer do this?
    she doesn't seem to really be bothered by it, i just didnt know it was that easy for them to get peoples cell phone numbers,especially within a day of changing it, how is that possible?

    • ANSWER:
      I guess it could be possible, but it is certainly forbidden.

      And (at least in my area) that doesn't work with cell phones.

    How To Call other numbers using someone elses number?
    I had someone be able to hack people phone numbers and need to know how that is possible. He used others numbers some how and when it showed up on the ID and when I called it back it was other peoples number and not his own. So I need to know how that is possible to hack or clone numbers... Its really important I find out this to put a stop to it... Please help!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      It's called bluetooth hacking. you can download this software for your cellphone from the internet. it's a jar/jad application that you can just easily download it to your computer and install it on your cellphone. How to avoid this is that you always make sure that your bluetooth is off when you're not using it.

    How can people using cell phone contact me on skype?
    How can people using landline numbers,or a cell phone number to call me? I can't seem to find what my skype number is and I can't find it. Help!

    • ANSWER:
      Phone someone on mobile they will see your no. If it's the same as my internet phone.

    I want to purchase a good site for finding peoples phone numbers and addresses.?
    The site I use right now does not give me all the information that I need. Please let me know if you know of any that have worked for you.
    The site I use right now does not give me all the information that I need. Please let me know if you know of any that have worked for you.

    Im not a stalker. In my job people want an agent to come to their house to give them information because alot of them cant get out of their house. but they give us a po box and no phone number. I cant come see you if you dont tell me where you live. The business is life insurance and not stalking. So lets not be rude.

    • ANSWER:
      my stalker alert is going crazy! BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. and its pointing at you!

    Why do people call hotels for phone numbers to other places?
    I work at a hotel as a front desk clerk and I am always extremely irritated when people call me and ask me questions about random crap that has nothing to do with my job. "There is a ________ going on around there, can you tell me all about it?" "What's the phone number to __________?"

    I am not concierge. Even if I was, concierge gets paid to assist guests, not random people just calling in. I am not 411. How did they get my number in the first place? Google? The phone book? If so, why can't they just use THOSE things to find the phone numbers they need?

    WHY do people do this?
    I work at a 50-room chain motel. We don't HAVE concierge.

    • ANSWER:
      Because, Mr. Sunshine, people who stay in hotels are generally not familiar with the area. Now, somebody such as YOURSELF, who actually IS, is always a good person to ask recommendations. The "locals" are always the best source of information when it comes to restaurants, attractions, etc. Phone books do not provide that personal touch.

      I am sure there are lots of things that are not part of your job description. How about just being a nice human being? When people stop you on the street to ask directions, do you get angry at that too? Geez

    How can i find out the phone numbers of the guys that my 15 year old daughter is sending..she uses a app calle?
    if i know her address that she uses,and the phone # that they give her to use so people can text her and also picture messages.

    • ANSWER:
      1: an app calle? an app called what?

      2: sounds like a cell phone question... this is the land phone section

    how to get residential addresses of people from their land line phone numbers?
    i stay in panjim- goa(india).i want to find out complete adress of all the people residing in panjim using their bsnl landline telephone numbers.please do not suggest telephone directory as it gives incomplete and short form adress.please suggest some way so i get complete adress of people.

    • ANSWER:
      Dial directory inquiry and tel the number and ask the address. ( Bsnl or Mtnl only) You will get one. I have such experience.

    If you use intelius does the person know you searched for them?
    Incase you don't know what it is, Intelius is a people search website that you pay to find peoples phone numbers and addresses as well as other information.
    If you search for a person, do they know that you searched for them?
    Thanks for the answers

    • ANSWER:
      see if the site bellow helps

    is there a website that gives the phone numbers of the houses in your area, like the yellow pages use to have?
    i lost my dog and i put up posters but if the yellow pages still had phone numbers of people and not just Businesses, i could call around. i really need to know how to find the numbers for free so i don't have to pay


    • ANSWER:

    For you, is it easy to find phone numbers in the 'yellow pages'?
    For me, not so easy. The yellow pages, an example: Where do most people go to fill their cars with gasoline? 99% of Americans will say "the gas station." Lets say you want to know the number of that station on the corner of 3rd St. and 4th Ave, but you don't remember its name. So, hoping that you will recoginize its name and location, you look in the 'yellow pages' under the heading 'Gas Station'. Right? Probably not. You need to decide what nomenclature the phone-book publishers want to use. Even though 99% of Americans call that type of business a 'gas station', the book publishers don't. "Oh, what would it be under?" You say to yourself. Service station? Not likely, since most don't provide service anymore. "Think, what else", you say. You look thru the pages. Oh! here it is under 'Convenience Stores'. OK, so they sell chips and candy- its still a gas station. In the YELLOW PAGES: lawers are ATTORNEYS, doctors are PRACTITIONERS, but what kind? More examples; no room left.
    NickN, exactly.
    Not likely that you will find the number of your favorite watering hole listed under 'Pub', 'Bar' or certainly not 'Saloon'. Perhaps, 'Night clubs' would be more proper and polite.

    • ANSWER:
      No it isn't. First of all I can hardly read the print without significant help. Trying to use the Internet Yellows are just as frustrating. If I am looking for a turtle shouldn't it be under Turtle? Or if I want Frog Legs shouldn't it be under frog legs instead of "It Tastes Like Chicken?" Or when I type in turtle and frogs legs why does a porn site pop up? All very confusing.

    best site for looking up residential phone numbers in usa?
    I'm in australia and trying to find a couple of residential phone numbers in the usa. what's the best site to use? I've searched a couple and can find the people with addresses and all sorts of info but no bl...dy phone number?
    can anyone help pls?

    • ANSWER:
      USA is a lot different to AUS. Unlike Australia Telstra own all the Telephone exchanges, In the US, I could be wrong but each exchange has individual owner's(private enterprise), so if they have a national directory. This is how it used to be , I worked for Telstra for 35 years, in NSW and in WA. You may have to go to state, town, zip code? Although Australia lease floor space to competitors to put there equipment in so they have access to the MDF(Main Distribution Frame) so the have access to Telstra infrastructure C.A.N. (Customer Access Network or underground cable). Years ago I heard of stories how hard it was to make an international call from some states, as you hade to go through so many operator's? I hope it has improved? In the mean time check link below?

    how do I find my girlfriends phone number if she has moved?
    There is a four lettered name you can use to find addresses and phone numbers of people that you haven't talked to in a long time.

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    I want to find one person living in the USA, how can I?
    I want to find some people who didn't get online a long time, when I google them there is nearly no info about them on the internet. I used sites of finding phone numbers, sites such as whitepage, but no reason, even I asked one who was in the same city as them, but no result. What way do u suggest? It seems there is nothing in internet about them. period!

    • ANSWER:
      Not everyone has their personal information posted on the internet, if they do it'd be incredibly hard to find. If you know someone who is a friend of theirs then ask them to give you your friends number. If not then theres really not much you can do.

    I asked earlier about using N.I. number to find people and most responded with shh are you mad but??????????
    some answers have me intrigued so heres what I have Info wise on this person. Full name and previous address including post code , date of birth and phone numbers ie at previous address and cell phone when she disappeared. I have tried places and other general searches using only free offers as I have so little money now. The aftermath of losing sombody in the way I did, without explanation or reason after 10.5 years of trust love and freindship. Thats the short and uncomplicated version its actually much worse than I can say here both of us had our hearts broken because of a controlling jealous parent who hated that we had somthing that she would never have, Each other. Neither of us will ever be able to make it through to the end of our lives without the other I would rather of been hacked to death with a rusty semi sharp rip saw over a week or so then have to go through this and the only reason for me to carry on is that I must put this right before I leave

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you could find someone using ni number but only if there working or claiming benifits. Have you tried the electorol roll? Or the last census, all these are easily available online (I often use it to check up on new boyfriend, who they have previously lived with and so on) If there self employed and have a limted company you can also down load their account to be super nosey!

    Where can i find directories for Broomfield, CO?
    I am trying to search someone I used to know.
    I have tried facebook and email with no lucky. I do know the address and will send a letter but would like to try to find directories for phone numbers on the internet if possible for Broomfield Colorado.

    Also does anyone have any tips on finding people?

    • ANSWER:
      Try Dex Knows from the local phone co. US West

    by computer, find the phone number of people calling u?
    i have the caller id enabled on my phone but i want to have record of numbers on my computer

    the phone number of people calling me is displayed on my phone screen. but how my computer can get that number from my phone (or router)?

    i think it's possible because both my computer and phone are connected to the router (but both use diffrent frequency)

    • ANSWER:
      I use a program called Phonetray. Uses your computer 56k modem to ID the caller.

    Does anyone know a way to find out somebody's e-mail address by using their age and full name for free online?
    I would like to surprise some people I knew from the past, by e-mailing them. But I don't know their number, address, and don't have any other way to contact them. The only thing I know is their full names. I do believe they have computers and internet access. So I was wondering if there's a way to find out their e-mail address. I mean, if we can find some phone numbers in the yellow book...why not use the same method to find e-mail addresses? I guess...right? Well, if you or someone you know can answer this question for me, please do. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      My guess would be to pay for a people search. Odd you wouldn't have their phone number but have their full name. You're going to have to pay for that information, nothing like that will be free, anywhere you go.

    Question about cell phone numbers.?
    This is my big problem.! Cell phone listings
    I am an American living in Thailand.
    .My mother died last year and my father who is also very old sold his house and moved into a nursing home.I don't have any close friends near my family who can contact my family.
    Yes,I have lost all my contacts.My brother and my sister in the last year got rid of their home phones(they did not understand because of a lack of communication that I did not have my fathers cell number) and now did they what most people are doing now these days,just using cell phones.It is very difficult to find cell phone numbers on the net,(it is easy to find home phone numbers but not cell phone numbers) but seemingly impossible for me to find my families cell phone numbers.How can a person find their families cell number on the net? I am stuck.I understand the reasons for privacy but I am screwed.I can't locate my family and it is because of the lack of cell phone listings on the net.What can I do ?HELP

    • ANSWER:
      Try to remember a friend or family member that you CAN contact and ask them to intervene on your behalf by contacting one of your family members that they may know...

      Also, you can call the local police or sherrif dept... they can track them (or at least a phone number) for you.

      I once had to call on a old friend who was nice enough to track down my mom and get her new contact info.

      Best of luck...

    Is it legal for creditors to mask their phone numbers using...?
    Today I thought my godmother was calling me and rushed to answer the phone; only to find out that some man (a creditor) with a Middle Eastern accent called asking for my sister (who often receives calls from these types of creditors anyway). The baffling thing to me is, how did they get my godmother's number, call the house using it, and knew she was connected to us? I'm not related to her so it cannot be due to same last names! This has never happened before. Is it possible that it was just a caller ID glitch? Or are creditors able to do this now? The company that called is actually a well known fraudulent financial company called MCM, seeking to lure people into to paying them some unpaid debts; which is owed elsewhere. Can anyone shed any light on this?
    @Sweating... You're missing what I said. I know they can contact other family members, friends, whoever. But masking their phone numbers using someone else I know? Or a family member's number? That should be consider "Identity theft"? Right or wrong? I mean it was like she called because her name popped up on the caller ID and everything.
    @Sweating... You're missing what I said. I know they can contact other family members, friends, whoever. But masking their phone numbers using someone else I know? Or a family member's number? That should be consider "Identity theft"? Right or wrong? I mean it was like she called because her name popped up on the caller ID and everything.

    • ANSWER:
      The company that is "spoofing" (at least that's what it'd be called in the world of IP addresses) your godmother's phone number is committing identity theft by assuming a facet of an identity that is not legally their own. Quite simply, it's totally illegal, but I'm not sure what you can exactly do about it; it's not like you even have their REAL phone number, lol.

    Why do some people write their cell phone numbers back of the seats of buses or on handle of chairs of college?
    In Bangladesh,if you use buses to go here and there within the city of Dhaka then you'll see that there are so many cell phone numbers back of the seats of buses.Moreover,if go to a college or university,you'll see that the thing has been done by the students on handles of the chairs.
    I have been curious about that and I am going to do a research on that issue.So,please guys help to find that type of human behavior why do they do that?I am expecting 50+ answers.

    • ANSWER:
      Here in the states, it's usually not the writer's number, but the number of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Revenge.

    anyone know of a way to find a persons cell phone number online by using the persons name ?
    I have been trying to find an old college roomates cell phone number online but everytime I look up searching for cell phone number, all I get is "reverse cell phone number search" which doesn't do me any good because that is used when you have the cell number and are looking for info about the number. If what I need is a people search site or something and have to pay for a month service that's fine, as long as the search finds cell numbers. If anyone can help me out with this I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      cell phone numbers are thankfully unpublished... try facebook or myspace.

    How do I get the phone numbers for Equifax and TransUnion?
    I can't access my free credit reports online.
    I can't find their customer service numbers anywhere, but I know they must have phone numbers for people who are having trouble getting the results of their annual free credit report.
    I need their phone numbers because I can't get the help I need on line or thru email---I don't have access to my username or password or the email I used when signing up.

    What are the customer service phone numbers for people who can't access their Equifax or TransUnion credit reports online (where you can talk to a person, not automated)?
    **I went on their websites. That's what I'm saying, I wasn't able to find any help. I need a phone number where I can talk to an actual person.**
    Somebody please help? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      You can find the addresses and phone numbers for all 3 credit bureaus at

    I used to live in Qatar 15 yrs ago. I will be visiting soon what is a best way to find & contact people?
    I want to contact my friends class mates. I don't have there phone numbers & I don't have there address either. Please help is there any way I can find out

    • ANSWER:
      Check out this website ... you might find some of your friends in there ...


    Is This Illegal? (Please Answer ASAP)?
    I am having a major dispute on a forum site. It's been ongoing for a while now, and I feel that my privacy has been seriously invaded. I was an admin on a site, and the creator of this site had been abusing his powers. Everyone on the site was nervous. One day he wanted to switch accounts with me. And without me agreeing, he changed the password to my account and started checking my PM's, saying that he was only looking at things that concerned him, so what he did was ok. Then he PM'd me his password for the exchange. I had another admin check to make sure he wasn't lying, so that admin used the account and we agreed to lock the other admin out of that account with the admin CP so he couldn't do further harm.

    Question 1: Was this hacking? He gave up his password so I honestly don't know, and help would appreciated. I was thinking of the well-being of the site.

    What happened next really bothered me, and has driven me crazy for about a month. The creator of the site used my facebook to find people who knew me, and looked up their phone numbers. He literally called my nanny, and she called me soon after to make sure that everything was alright. I was angry and panicked so I did use some very harsh words with him and call him some names that I shouldn't have.

    Question 2: Under those circumstances, was that cyberbullying?

    Anyway, I caved in because I didn't want to continue to have my privacy invaded. We unbanned him, and I resigned as admin. They made him admin again, but the other admins had deleted his original account. Since then, he had to follow the same rules as everyone else. But eventually, there was a conflict and they chose to ban him. I had no part in this, and I felt bad about previous events. But as a result, he loooked through phone books to find my phone number, and threatened to call my home number if I didn't get him his account back. He wanted me to beg the admins to do this, or he was going to call. He said that I had an obligation because I "stole his account from."

    Question 3: Is it cyberstalking to find phone numbers of people that someone knows? He claims that since it was public information in the phone books, it was alright. But I felt threatened.

    Help on this matter would be seriously appreciated.

    • ANSWER:

    Is There A Reverse Phone Lookup For Cell Numbers?
    I have had a few cell phone numbers call me recently, and the people have been rather rude to me. I think it is the same people calling but on different cell phones. It has been getting progressively worse over time, I just want to know who they are and why they are doing this. It started off with prank calls in the day time, which I could put up with. Now they are starting to become abusive to me, and sometimes my daughter if she picks up my phone. I know I can find information for home numbers using a reverse phone lookup, but can I get details from a cell phone number?

    • ANSWER:

    What should I call my new website that allows people to find and book rooms at B&Bs, Guesthouses and hotels?
    I'm struggling to think of a catchy name. Basically it lets you see rooms that are available and book them straightaway rather than you finding a list of phone numbers and ring round. But it also has to be easy to remember but unique (not for examaple). Cheers y'all. If I use a suggestion, I'll send you something nice, promise!

    • ANSWER:
      or so you can see it better i'll find it you lie in it

    What site can I use to find people's number?
    phone numbers for free? I really need this, it is important!
    i need the cell phone number!

    • ANSWER:

    I work for a small financial institution and am thinking about using a skip trace website. Any suggestions?
    I work for a small financial institution and am thinking about using a skip trace website. Any suggestions? We would be looking up two to three people a month and need to find their most recent addresses and phone numbers if possible.

    • ANSWER:
      Best around is Us Search.. Used the for some clients who dodged out on their bills. They do a 24 hr pass for .95

    Is there a site that you pay for, that is not a scam,for unlimited use? A site for cell phone numbers too.?
    Please help me I'm home bound and on a limited income, so I need sources to help me find peoples currant addresses for research and genealogy. I can't get to court house, out of state or other counties, so a site on the net would be best.
    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      This one has people in the USA with listed (land line) phone numbers.
      There are no cell phone directories on-line.

    Is there a way to find out who sold my mobile/cell phone to telemarketers and creditors?
    Every day I get phone calls from a creditor on my mobile/cell phone. My parent's say it's because I use paypal to buy things like DVD's,books, CD,text link and into directories for my websites and blogs. But the phone is being paid from another source. So how are these people getting my mobile phone number?

    Does Paypal, Ebay and other online stores sell out people's phone numbers without their permission? What can I do about this besides having my phone number changed?
    It's also on the "Do Not Call" list . The list that blocks telemarketers etc from calling you at hours of the day and night.
    No one has my phone before me.It's a new number and I rarely use it.

    • ANSWER:
      A Creditor is someone you owe money to.

      They can call you regardless if you are on the do not call list.

      Who gave it out to others? It could be ANYONE you gave your phone number to.

      If it is a new cell phone number, it could have belonged to someone else before you.

    Why has Google Voice eaten up my original cell number and why does my phone not ring when people call?
    I'll keep it short, but after some drama/grief with Facebook and some severe cyberbullying/stalking...I decided to pull my Facebook off the internet, change my phone number and experiment with trying to use google voice as an easy way to mask my personal cell should anyone ever give me any personal grief ever again. The thing I thought I would like about Google Voice was that it generates a local number that people can call or text, and it goes straight to your cell. And for me and my sanity, I can easily change the Google number to another random local number if people start to abuse that number, and it doesn't affect my personal cell or me having to change it with Sprint. I figured my family and VERY close friends could call me on my real cell, so they wouldn't have to go through all the identification filtering when they call, and my trusted friends could text me on my personal cell line. I found out today how little I knew about Google Voice, and about what it has been doing with my ignorance.

    I'm on the Sprint Network, btw.

    For about a day things seemed fine, until I found out today that 9 people had tried to call me and my phone never rang even once. I got their voicemails after the fact, as well as missed call notifications through my gmail. Apparently, my family I gave out my original cell to said when they called it said something like "We're sorry, but we could not complete your call" and it cut them off. They tried to call me on my Google Voice, but some told me it went though the identification process, and it just rang and rang. My family said they tried calling the Google number and all it did was ring and ring like it was going through, then forwarded to my voice mail. I will say that today I was home all day, and after I found all this out, I did a test both on my Dad's cell and the house phone....and it confirmed everyone's problems. I missed out on going out with some friends because I never got the call, my mother tried to call me about something important and got really angry with me that I never got her calls, saying "Why didn't you answer your rang and rang and rang!!!" Basically I ended up with a lot of frustrated and angry people today because Google Voice has severely messed up and taken over my cell phone.

    I really want to keep Google Voice, but I also want people to have the ability to call me on my real cell who have it so they don't have to go through the ID filtering process. I really don't want to give up this service, because socially it gives me some security and peace of mind when I say, meet a girl and it doesn't work out....or a guy friend I meet starts to give me poblems...both which have happened....and then I don't have to switch my personal cell and go through the frustrating process of having to give it out to the 50+ people that need to have the real one.

    I will also say, that because I was home....and because I am with Sprint....I live in an area of town that gets poor cell reception from my provider, and they were nice to give me a Sprint Airrave device, which boosts your signal bars to full and hooks up via a GPS that sticks to the window and connects via your high speed internet to access the cell network. I did not leave the house today, and home is where I am most of the this is a huge problem/concern for me. Is this device in any way keeping/hindering people from connecting to me when I am at home???

    I could really use help. I can't receive calls from anyone....texts through Google Voice yes...but no phone calls and my phone is severely messed up. I would have called Sprint but they are closed until tomorrow morning, so there's nothing about it I can do for now. How do I separate my two phone numbers and still have people use Google Voice for those I want to give it out to???

    Help severely needed. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      If this is short I hate to see the long version. The only feature you should use is have google voice call you cell and if you cell calls your google voice you go straight to voice mail option or press 2 to make a call. do not have any changes to let it take you voice mail on the sprint line or any other features. Test have people call you cell leave a message and it will go to cell voice mail. If you have a smart phone there are apps to handle google voice and you will not use any cell minutes and the caller id will be google voice when you use the app else you call you google voice number then press 2 and make your call the caller id will be google voice.

    Where can I find anger management classes for kids in my area?
    I have a kid I work with that could use an anger management class. Something he could do by himself or with me, but in a group setting with other people, preferably other kids. Any ideas or resources? I guess I’m looking for websites or phone numbers - someplace where I can find classes. I live in California; looking for something in or around the Sacramento area. Willing to travel a little bit.

    • ANSWER:
      Check with your local mental health providers. They will be able to direct you.

    What's the best way to meet people/to find a group to belong?
    I'm 31 years old, I felt my life has passed by me real quickly. I want to meet other people to make friends. I'm married but that doesn't mean I want to stop socializing. The problem is I don't know what's the right way to meet other people/to find a group to belong to. I feel like an old dinosaur. Do I use web Sites, 800 phone numbers, night clubs or what?

    I do not want to end up like Jim Carrey's character in Yes Man where he nearly missed out on life. I was really stupid, I was a loner during high school, college and some times after college. I should have tried harder to make friends during my school years when I was a loner. I felt my life is gone. Somebody please help me.

    • ANSWER:
      You wont find many serious friends on the internet. Why dont you look through the classifieds for clubs or societies that tickle your interest? Are you wanting to meet women? Then just sign with an agency. These online things are just full of tricksters

    About a free people search?
    I keep trying to find people by using free people search but I have to pay in order to get the info that I need like addresses or phone numbers. Is there a way I can that info for free. I really want to find a long lost friend. How can I do this? Thank You in advance for your answers.

    • ANSWER:
      ONE PAY


    Does anyone know where I can get a list of NON-WORKING phone numbers to use as examples in advertising?
    Just a few would be fine. I don't want to annoy people by making lots of calls to find the ones that don't work. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Typically, non-working numbers all start with 555.

    Are there any totally free people searches to find records from 60 years ago?
    My dad wants to find out what happened to a little boy he used to be good friends with. Is there a good, totally free people search engine that I could use to help him find his friend from about 60 years ago, and find out where the friend went to college? My dad also wants to know where he ended up after college and where he is now...all my family knows is the friend's first and last name, the approximate birth year, the city he grew up in, and where he went to high school. My dad also wants to try to contact him, so a website that also gives phone numbers and addresses would be helpful.

    • ANSWER:

    Do you find it annoying when people use cell texting while typing everyday conversations.?
    I am talking about shortning words using numbers as a word or one letter to say the whole word.
    People are getting lazy now days. I think when you are typing a formal/personal email or answer or anything use proper english or whatever your language is instead of text language.
    It reminds me of those stupid cell phone commercials where they talk in text language.
    I was not aware they had TX dictionaries!
    I might just have to get one myself. Somtimes I don't have a clue what they are saying either.

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with you totally. I have to admit that when people type that way in everyday life, they come across as lazy, uneducated, or lacking in verbal or social skills. Hence, they shortchange themselves in situations where good English is important- like when filling out a job application, for instance, or Emailing a business client. It also shows me that they don't care enough about things, and it sets a bad example for younger generations. Imagine what would happen to our society if our youth's literacy skills were limited to text-message typing and reading.

    Whats the best 'find my mobile (iphone) app?'?
    I lose my phone quite often and would like to have an app installed to help me find it but I don't know which ones work, which ones charge large subscription fees and what the benefits of each of them are.

    If you use a particular app for this could you let me know what you think about it and how accurate etc it is, also whether you can use the app to trigger an alarm to help you find the phone (and whether that alarm would work with the phone switched to silent).

    I just downloaded one that was not intended for that purpose but was in fact a 'find any mobile phone worldwide by entering their telephone number' type app. This was absolute rubbish, okay it wasn't exactly what I was looking for anyway but this one simply gave me my current location no matter whose phone numbers I used (I tested it on my number and it gave me the location but when I used a friends number who is 120 miles away and it told me they were in the building that I was in!).

    Anyway I am interested in being able to find other people by their number too but primarily I'd like to be able to find my mobile when I've lost it... Any ideas?
    I think you're spamming... The third and fourth link bear no relevence to the question asked.

    • ANSWER:
      Find My iPhone is a free service from Apple.

      Simply head to iTunes (either on your computer or from the device itself) and download Find My iPhone. You will need to create a free mobileMe account too.

      When it is working you will be able to locate your iphone, sent a message to it, remote lock it and even make it ring. This can be done on a computer or another iDevice, such as an iPad or iPod Touch.

    does anyone know where can i buy bulk mobile phone numbers? i need to use it in marketing and promoting?
    i cant seem to find it anywhere online at all, and i need to give to my network operator thingy so that they can send SMS for people, would appreciate any help :-)

    • ANSWER:
      I hope you don't EVER find bulk mobile phone numbers online! It's illegal to do so!

      The standard is that you ask your customers and visitors to your website to give you their email/SMS addresses IF they want to opt in for your marketing messages. It is acceptable to default the checkbox to "yes" and make them UNcheck it if they want to say no.

      Read up on opt-in marketing techniques, I've provided one site below that should help...

      Best of luck with growing your business the right way!

    My boyfriend doesnt save any phone numbers?
    I moved to a different country to live with my boyfriend of 10 months. Although hes a trustworthy guy, he has a lot of friends, and a lot of them I have never met...and yes a lot are girls. I gave him my iphone to use while i live here for 8 months than he will come back to live with me. but he never saves ANY numbers except mine, his excuse is hes lazy...but everytime we need a number we have to search all of fb and other people to find it...I dont know who he calls or who calls him ever....and yes i can understand trusting someone...but really I feel a little I wrong for this? please help...

    • ANSWER:

    Long story, if you like creepy ones... is it possible for ghosts to haunt phone numbers?
    ok..So i got a new phone about 1.5 weeks ago. A few nights after i got it i heard stuff in the bathroom outside of my room. I thought my cat was in there playing with stuff, but then a shampoo bottle fell in the bathtub. It was soo loud so it scared the crap out of me and i ran in the bathroom and turned on the light but my cat wasnt there. I thought well maybe the cat ran because it scared him too. That upcoming day, i got about 3 phone calls from 3 different people (i never answer numbers i dont know, so they left voicemails) all of them were looking for some Todd guy. Then about two nights later, I heard cupboard doors shaking in the bathroom, as if my cat got stuck in the cupboard and was scratching on it to get out. So I opened my door to go let the cat out and to my surprise, it wasnt in the bathroom, it was in the kitchen... So i walked to the kitchen -hearing it still the whole time- but literally right when i turned the corner and flipped on the light to the kitchen, it stopped. and i turned around and i saw the cat sleeping on the couch in the frontroom... so i was like, uhh, thats creepy... i was starting to get creeped out ... and also again the next day i got a few more calls from random people saying ''todd, we are worried, and call somebody we havent heard from you in a while'' then the night after that i woke up to go to the bathroom.. right when i went in the bathroom i heard my dog crying (my dog sleeps in a kennel btw) so i was like, maybe she has to go potty outside, so i went out of the bathroom to see why she was crying and again to my surprise she wasnt in her kennel (there are 2 locks on the kennel so she couldnt have gotten herself out) i walked around looking to see where she was, and i found her just sitting there starring at nothing under the table. it creeped me out AGAIN. ok, then this next day AGAIN i got 2 more calls, they also left voicemails, one of the guys sounded sad he said '' Todd man,... where have you been, im just calling to see if youre still alive... call someone. everyones worried, you havent been at work. PLEASE call me back asap''. So this creeped me out.. and that night i was getting ready for bed in my room, so i turned my light off to fall asleep. i got up and flipped the switch and when i barely got two feet away, the light turned back on. and this is a SWITCH. so i tried not to act scared so i said outloud DAMMIT. and turned it off... it creeped me out, i tried blaming myself saying, maybe i didnt flip the switch all the way down... is it possible that something -bad- happened to this ''Todd'' guy, and he now haunts this number that he used to have??? im sorry the story is so long btw but i had to give somewhat of details..

    • ANSWER:
      haha wow call these people back and tell them they have a wrong number! Something really bad could be happening to this Todd guy! LOL

    Has anyone ever used the site "Web Detective"? Did you have any complications? How were the results?
    They advertise that they can find cell phone numbers, do "people search" etc. They ask for your name, address, phone number, and age to become a member. I wonder if you would get junk mail or worse by joining.

    • ANSWER:
      I've used it, all it gives you is a compilation of places to do your investigating some are free, most cost though, I wouldn't recommend it, not worth the money. They promise a lot and deliver little.

    Good sites for finding people?
    I'm looking for sites to find people (free is better). When I use white pages I'm just linked to other pay sites, this is bull you know what. I tried facebook and that's pretty useless. I don't see what the big deal is about that site. I'm trying to track down a friend through his siblings and I can't get phone numbers. I'd be grateful for any help.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know of any free sites for living individuals.

      If you know where the person and/or family resided you may want to try the county recorders office. If they own property (there may be other records too) it will list an address you can reverse search.

      Good luck:)

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