Identify A Phone Number

Whether it is landline or mobile or toll free number, it is possible to find the name of the owner of that number. Few companies offer this information at a fee but few others offer the same free of cost. Following are the methods you should try, if you want to identify the phone number then follow the below five steps.
Go to Reverse Phone Search Website and enter the provider info. You will get the name and address of the owner, if it is available in any of the free directories. Only in the case of unlisted number, you will not get the details of the owner. In rest of all cases, you can depend on Reverse Search for getting the name and address of the owner. Use call tracking website and enter the phone number in to it. Such websites provides huge database of information which is compiled from those who have reported to be receiving the calls from that number. Among such sites, and are becoming more popular nowadays. Go through the correctly. If you analyze the incoming number which you got, you can find the area from where it is being used. Every landline and mobile number will start with area code and it will be useful to know the approximate location of the owner of the phone. Although specific information is not obtained in this method, you can at least know to which state or which city the phone number belongs. This can narrow down your search and hence helps you in getting the accurate information up on further research. Google the mobilenumber and you can find some search results. Although all mobiles or landlines might not be listed on internet, but corporate, business, official numbers might be listed somewhere on the internet. One of the best methods to know the owner of the phone is to call back the number and talk to the person. This is the only method you will have, when you don't have internet connectivity and when you are not able to retrieve the information from available sources. This is the direct method of identify phone number for landline and all mobile network users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Can a police officer call you on a unidentified phone number ?
    I have received a phone call from a lady want to investigate someone that I know but she did not left me a phone number it was in un identified phone number ?

    • ANSWER:
      Generally the police will call you from a private or blocked number. If it was someone from your local department you could call central dispatch and speak to their records clerk and give them the persons name who she called about and maybe they can figure out who the officer was who called you and get you two in touch.

    I need a java program that uses a string tokenizer class to identify parts of a phone number?
    Write a class that uses the StringTokenizer class to identify
    the parts of a phone number. Assume that the format of the phone
    number is (nnn) nnn-nnnn. Example (860) 222-3344. The class should
    have at least three public methods: one returning the area code,
    one returning the exchange and one returning the extension.

    • ANSWER:
      Here is how you would use the StringTokenizer

      String no = "(860) 222-3344";
      StringTokenizer tokenizer = StringTokenizer(no, "() -");

      Then to get the individual tokens you would do this.

      String areaCode = tokenizer.nextToken();
      String exchange = tokenizer.nextToken();
      String extension = tokenizer.nextToken();

      You should be able to work out the rest.

    Can someone identify my phone number if I use it with yahoo texting?
    I would like to be able to text someone from time to time without them having my phone number. If I use yahoo text, is there any way my phone number can be identified or is it kept private?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you can text to a computer, and they can email to you. Your phone's email address is (your mobile phone number)

      When you start to send a text to an email you will need to change the format so your phone doesn't just put in numbers. You can press a button, usually the star key (*) and it will change the 123 format (your phone should display what format you are typing in somewhere on the screen) and as you press the * it will change from 123 to abc, ABC, etc.

      Yes you can send a text from to any Verizon customer for free. It will cost them one standard text, or whatever they have covered.

      You can send free pix (as well as free pix storage) at This is your pixplace account. Every camera phone account at Verizon Wireless has one. It only cost your standard pix rates to send pix from your phone to your pixplace account. If you have a text package it is probably covered, but will cost you an out of network text.

      SMS is the same as texting (short messaging service), MMS is multimedia messaging.

      I'm not sure if other carriers have free texting sites.

    How do you identify an unknown phone number?
    I have this phone number that shows up my cell and I want to know who is calling me. Does anyone know how to find that out without calling back the number?

    • ANSWER:
      Must be annoying to get anonymous calls. It's how I feel whenever I get calls like that.

      The easiest way to identify a phone number is use phone look-up sites such as It will not only give you the name and location, but if it comes up on these sites, these phone numbers are most probably used by scam artists, prank callers, telemarketers or solicitors. So be careful.

      Or if it doesn't, your next option would be to subpoena the telephone company to release the caller's information. You can do that by getting a police report. That requires extra time and effort but that'd surely give you the most accurate information.

    How do you identify an unknown phone number?
    I have this phone number that shows up my cell and I want to know who is calling me. Does anyone know how to find that out without calling back the number?

    • ANSWER:
      try or

    How to stop telemarketers and scammers from calling me?
    So I use the internet often, but I don't give out my information unless it's required to create an account or verify something. I definitely know I haven't signed up for any sketchy sites, just your typical social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, this site, etc...).

    Whenever I identify a phone number as a scam or telemarketer, I save their number to my phone under "DO NOT ANSWER" and set that contact's setting so that they go straight to voicemail. But they keep getting new numbers everyday! I am on the Do Not Call List already, but the calls keep coming. I get random calls all through the day, and sometimes even in the middle of the night. I can't shut my phone off because of business calls.

    These people that call me know my full name, where I reside, and on one occasion, even my mom's name. Where do they get this info? Any known sites should I avoid or delete my account from, if they're the ones giving my information out?

    (I know this is really vague since no one knows my specific internet history, but like I said, I only have accounts with the typical social websites.)

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Download a phone number and text message blocker .. Norton security has one though there are other apps to choose from

    How do I find out who a telephone number belongs to, I have tried ringing but no answer but they keep ringing?
    I am in the U.K. the number begins 0208 so I think its London but not sure. Is there a website I can go on to identify this phone number please?

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes you can type it into a search engine and it will tell you who it belongs to. That's what I have done in the past.

    How do I find out someones e-mail address if i only have their phone number?
    I know their mobile phone number which is identified in their e-mail account info.

    • ANSWER:
      You have their phone number ???
      And you want their email address ???


      For cripes sake !

      Call 'em !!!

    How to see who an unknown caller is with only their phone number?
    I want to find out who is calling me and the only information I have is their phone number. My number is pretty easy which makes it the target of prank, harassing, and other annoying calls. Are there any programs that you’ve had luck with in helping to identify a caller? (Other than standard caller ID) 10 points for something that works!
    I'd also be willing to pay for a program if anyone has any recommendations.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey Carter,

      I’ve had a similar problem with unidentified callers. I tried using the free searches but they won’t give up any information for free other than the state the caller is from. The best paid program I’ve seen is Phone Detective which can be found at . It gives you the caller’s name, address, carrier/provider, etc.
      Good luck and I hope I could help!


    I want to identify the same phone number I am on, what extention of numbers do I dial to get this?
    The phone number I am dialing from, is the same one I am trying to identify. There is an extention of numbers that is dialed to retrieve the same number or a beeping sound to confirm this, but I can't find that combination. I live in Southern New Jersey if that helps.

    • ANSWER:
      Try zero, and ask the operator to tell you the number you are on. call your cell phone or any phone with callerID.

    How do I find out the address and phone number of an entity which is an LLC?
    A company is not identified by any information except for "llc." I need the address and phone number.

    • ANSWER:

    How I do sent a fax without my phone number being printed or identified on the fax copy I sent?
    Even if my phone number is not printed on the fax copy, will the recipient of the fax copy still be able to find out what my phone number is?

    • ANSWER:
      Dial *67 before dialing the destination number.

    How do I verify my Facebook account if the phone number they have is old?
    The phone number I have listed on Facebook account is old and outdated. Recently they said I had some unusual activity and made me "verify" my account. First they gave me pictures of friends -- which was impossible because the pictures they had me identify were not even people, some were posters or baby pictures but my friends were tagged. So then they said that they would send an text to my phone but the phone number is old. Am I screwed?

    • ANSWER:
      It doesn't even sound like Facebook. There is a such virus explained as "Malware calls home" and i believe that they want your number to give you malware calls home.

    How to stop someone tracking you with internet phone number identifying service?
    Someone rather creepy has my phone number and I would prefer they not get any more information about me. I did some research to see what they could find using my phone number and I stumbled onto the website They can find my name and address by paying money to this website. What can I do to stop this? This person could potentially find me using this service :(

    • ANSWER:
      you can not.

    What if you dont have a mobile phone to verify your identity on facebook?
    I dont have a phone, but it says i need to identify myself my sending a code to my phone number. How do i create my account other then typing in my phone number?

    • ANSWER:
      you can use a landline phone too, just keep in mind that once you use a phone number to verify an account, you can never use that same phone number to verify another account

      facebook does this to prevent people from creating multiple accounts, which violates their terms of service

    How do you report a website that refuses to identify themselves? such as address, phone number, etc?
    I purchased a classic DVD from them. I received different charges than what was on the invoice provided. When I asked them in an email about where they are located they just some back that the items was shipped. Looking over the website there is not an address or phone number listed for customer service.

    • ANSWER:
      Well you could go to and see who registered the site. If the information there is false you could report the violation to ICANN here:

      If they registered with false info and they don't respond, the website will be shut down after a period of time.

    how do i reverse search a cell phone number for free?
    There is a cell phone number that keeps calling my cell and never leaves a message. Even tries to call with a blocked ID. I want to know who it is but don't want to pay the stupid online sites for the info.

    • ANSWER:
      I have done quite a bit of research on this and the only way to search for a cell phone number for free is by searching it on Google. For example type in:

      Cell phone numbers unlike landline numbers are kept private so they are not available publicly through the phone book or yellow pages. It is actually illegal for the phone companies to make cell phone data public domain.

      Unfortunately searching for it through Google often very rarely tells you anything about the person.

      There is however a way to identify the cell number’s identity, address, and a lot more. You do need to pay a small fee to get this information because it is private and services pay a lot of money to gain access to the cell phone directory.

      But you can search and preview the results for free. If you are not satisfied afterward they offer a full 60 day guarantee to get a refund.

      The service I have used with the most success can be found at Spyspace -

      Simply enter the phone number in the search box to view the instant results.

    What is the best deal for a 800 phone number for my business?
    I am starting a business and I need a 800 (toll free)phone number. What are the best deals around. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles. The most important thing is low monthly cost.

    • ANSWER:
      You can get one for a month and pay by the minute which is much better than paying a lot of money for minutes you may not use. If you are focused on saving money then with this service you can handle both personal and business calls on your cell phone so you don't spend money on another line for your businesses.. Basically your 800 number forwards to your cell phone. You can set it up so the 800 number shows on caller id so you can identify any business calls. It records all call history online so you can look up their number if you need to. Then set up the 800 number voicemail to answer before your personal voicemail in case you don't pick up the call. Then setup the days and hours you want it to forward calls. All of these features are included.

    How does a (Check) collection company get your phone number if its unlisted and a non-published number?
    We are trying to pay back a check that didn’t clear our bank due to financial difficulties. My husband is in the army and deployed and we had some problems financially. My concern is that this check writing collection agency somehow got our non published phone number and cell phone number and I have no idea how they could retrieve this information since they never had it the first place. This is a new number. I feel that confidentiality has been broken and I just would like to know how they go about getting our cell phone numbers and home number when they never had it to begin with. How do they do this and what should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      Most likely it in your credit report. When you got you cell phone, most like you cell company provide the info.

      Information that makes up your credit report includes:

      Personal identifying information - This includes your name, address (current and previous), social security number, telephone number, birth date, your current and previous employers, and (on the version you get) your spouse's name may be included as well.

    How can i find an old employers phone number?
    I had an employer back in 2002 and they have since gone out of business. I have the last known address of the business but it is no longer there. The phone number that i tracked down is now someone else phone number and not the company in question. I am needing it for a background check with a law enforcement agency and am trying to exhaust all my resources. Is there a way of looking up like a directory of business licenses and all the information will be there? any help would be great. thank you

    • ANSWER:
      A federal tax identification number, or employer identification number (EIN), is one of the primary methods through which the U.S. government identifies businesses and companies. When filing their taxes, employees often have to note the business's federal tax ID number.

      Difficulty: Moderately Easy

      Finding Your Own Company's Federal Tax ID Number

      Find the email or letter sent to you by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if you have misplaced the federal tax ID number for your business. You would have received this notice to confirm the receipt of your tax ID application with the IRS. On the confirmation form, typically in the top left corner, is your company's ID number.

      Contact any bank or financial institution where you applied for a business account. To open one of these accounts, you had to give your company's ID number, and they may provide it to you on request.

      Call the Internal Revenue Service's Business Tax Line at 1-800-829-4933. Request to speak to a federal tax assistant. He or she will ask you to provide identifiable corporate information that helps verify that you are indeed the owner of the business, and then provide you with your company's ID number.

      Finding Your Employer's Federal Tax ID Number

      Contact your company's human resources or accounting department. Some businesses, depending on their size, may combine the two departments. Request the company's federal tax ID number and explain why you need this information. Businesses are used to providing this information to employees and will give it to you for reasonable purposes.

      Find an old W-2 form or similar tax or income record issued to you by the company. The business's federal tax ID number is often located on the sheet in the employer's information box.

      Contact your local Internal Revenue Service office and ask to speak to a tax representative or assistant. They will provide the company's EIN.

      Read more: How to Find a Company's Federal Tax ID Number |

    How do I get a TTY phone number?

    I just purchased a TTY device for my organization. I was wondering how to I go about getting a phone number for the device so that the hear-impaired can call just that number? Do I need an actually phone number or can I just plug it in my existing phone line?

    If I plug the TTY into my existing line, will the device auto-generate a phone number for me?

    • ANSWER:
      It should work with your existing phone line, but you are going to want to obtain a separate phone line dedicated to your TTY calls because it would be very difficult otherwise to handle and distinguish voice and text calls and route them appropriately.

      Also be sure you or whoever is in charge of TTY knows how to operate the TTY properly. It's not as simple as just typing, there are certain standards you should be using when you are 'keying' over the phone line.

      The first thing to know is that you must end your sentences/thought with GA to mean 'Go Ahead'. That lets the other person know you're done talking for now and they should reply. The second thing to note is that Q is often used as a question mark. 'GA to SK' is used to tell the other party that you plan on finishing up the conversation and SK is used as a final good-bye signal meaning 'Stop Keying' just before hang-up. Short forms as you would use in a text message / SMS are generally considered OK. Some other short forms include HD for please hold and XXX for if you make a mistake.

      Here is a sample conversation:

      Different callers may use various adaptations of the standard. For example some may use QQ instead of Q for a question, or simply GASK or SK instead of GA TO SK for goodbye. SK can sometimes be used as a general goodbye (where you may or may not wait for a response before hanging up) whereas repeated SKs like SKSKSK usually means an immediate hang-up so don't bother replying.

      Another thing is that you should always identify yourself at the beginning of the conversation, and if anyone else is reading the conversation, it is common courtesy that you identify them as well (although less so in a business/call centre environment).

    When you buy a SIM card, does it come with a phone number?
    I purchased a T-Mobile SIM for my quad-band phone and want to be able to activate it from outside the US. Does the SIM come with a phone number or some other identifying number?

    • ANSWER:
      sim cards are not linked to any certain phone number, the iccid which is the really long 89...... number is what identify s the sim

    How To Identify A Cell Phone Number?
    Is there a way I can get a name and address from a cell phone number to find out who is calling?.

    • ANSWER:
      You can use a reverse cell phone lookup. By typing in your number you will get a full name and address, along with other information if you need it. allows you to test the number to see if any information is available. If it is you will be told the state of which the cell phone is from for no charge. But for any other information including name and address, they will charge a fee. Cell phone numbers are not free to lookup as land-line numbers are. So many people ask me where a free reverse cell phone lookup service is, but there is no such thing.

    How can I find out what this phone number belongs to?
    I got a text from some number I don't know but they know my name. But they called be my nickname- not my real name. (Only a few people call me by that name) I didn't text back but it's weird because I looked up the number and it's from a town about 20 mins away from where I live. I go there a lot but I don't know anybody from there that would have my number. It was also just a regular cell phone number.
    Is there a website I can go to and see who this number belongs to? For free? Please? Any suggestions? I just want to see the person's name. If they know mine then I should get to know their's, right?

    • ANSWER:
      There are a lot websites for reverse phone numberlook-upp, but they seem to mostly not work very well, especially with cell phone numbers.
      You can try:

      A slightly different method is this one:
      They actually call the number from their own system and try to record the target number's outgoing voicemail message. The website then plays the recording for you, so you can identify the person by their name on the message, or by their voice if it's someone you know.
      Check out their FAQ here (, it says that the free version plays a pre-recorded message identifying the caller as Spy Dialer, so the person would know that someone is trying to figure out their number.

    Does anybody know the best website to reverse lookup a cell phone number?
    Does anybody know the best website to reverse lookup a cell phone number?

    • ANSWER:
      I have done quite a bit of research on this and the only way to search for a cell phone number for free is by searching it on Google. For example type in:

      Cell phone numbers unlike landline numbers are kept private so they are not available publicly through the phone book or yellow pages. It is actually illegal for the phone companies to make cell phone data public domain.

      Unfortunately searching for it through Google often very rarely tells you anything about the person.

      There is however a way to identify the cell number’s identity, address, and a lot more. You do need to pay a small fee to get this information because it is private and services pay a lot of money to gain access to the cell phone directory.

      But you can search and preview the results for free. If you are not satisfied afterward they offer a full 60 day guarantee to get a refund.

      The service I have used with the most success can be found at Spyspace -

      Simply enter the phone number in the search box to view the instant results.

    How do I eliminate solicitors from calling my home phone?
    We just moved and have a new phone number. Beginning day 1, we have had 4-5 solicitation calls a day, usually in the evening. We've also received a few calls from collection agencies looking for someone with a different name, who I assume, has had this phone number in the past. How can we block these calls? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Ask the callers to leave you their home phone number offering to call them back later at their home; see if they like it!

      register your number to the do not call database ( so it's illegal for people who do not have already a relationship with you to call. (charities and policitcal orginisations are exempted)

      filter calls by leaving your answer phone on all the time and tell your friends that you may be here and they really need to leave a message.
      Use caller ID to identify callers. you can choose to ignore all "witheld" IDs though you may miss some people you actually know but they can leave a message giving you a chance to pick up.

    how can i find out what network a mobile phone number is on?
    I have a mobile phone number but need to know what network it is on. The number is 07932855769 any help would be great!

    • ANSWER:
      Although the first 5 digits in the UK identify the network, 5% of mobile numbers have ported to other networks and there is no way of telling which network that is or if they have ported.

      If you call the number and get through to voicemail, the default announcement usually says what the network is.

    how can i find out address by a phone number in uk?
    Actually i want to find out address of my friend living in uk, but i have only his phone number.

    • ANSWER:
      Directory enquiries can help with identifying area code but also the first few digits of the phone number will show in more detail whereabouts it is from, but it won't tell you exactly, it only identifies the exchange it is connected to so the closest you will get is within streets.

      This is probably a daft question, but if you have your friends number, why don't you ring them and ask them?

    What do I have to compose before the New Zealand number I have to call?
    The phone number starts with 0212.. It is a cell phone in the Auckland Area. Do I have to compose the 02?

    • ANSWER:
      Presumably you are asking with regards to calling from outside New Zealand.

      Cell phones aren't designated by area so being in Auckland does not affect the number. It is most probably a Vodafone cell phone. I say most probably, because until recently all 021 numbers were Vodafone; but NZ has introduced number portability and so now you can take a cell phone number with you from one network to another one. Prior to that you could identify the mobile network by the first three digits.

      The way to call this number from overseas is to start with your international dialing code (normally 00, unless you are in say the USA/Canada - then it is 011); then 64 for New Zealand; then drop the preceding 0 from the 021. So, if you were in the UK, you would input 006421xxxxxxx; if in North America - 0116421xxxxxxx.

      From inside New Zealand, it doesn't matter where you are or where the phone is; just dial 021xxxxxxx.

    Is there anyone out there prepared to identify the owner of a mobile phone number for me?
    I have a mobile phone number I need to trace the owner of. I know the network but need the owners name?
    Anyone able to assist?

    • ANSWER:
      even if you contact the network provider you won't be able to contact the owner.
      maybe if he has reported as lost and have an ensurance, then maybe the ensurance company would interested to retrieve it.
      You need to contact the network provider and investigate.
      be prepared for a lot of work...

    How do you verify your facebook if you don't have a cell phone?
    I keep getting a screen on Facebook that tells me I need to verify my account by providing my cell phone number or identify photos of friends. Now I have to keep making new accounts and they keep getting disabled. Is there any way to get past this? Please help!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      You can verify your account with your credit card number also.

    Can some people still see your phone number when you call even if you block it?
    Someone told me that they can see my phone number on their cell phone even if I block it with *67.

    • ANSWER:
      3. Are there exceptions to blocking?

      Several exceptions exist to the FCC blocking rules:

      800 number/toll-free calls. You are not able to prevent the display of your phone number when you call 800, 866, 877, 888, and 900 numbers. The called party, which pays for the call, may be able to identify your phone number using Automatic Number Identification (ANI) technology. FCC rules, however, limit parties that own toll-free numbers from distributing the numbers identified through ANI.

      Emergency services. Calls to emergency lines — like 911 — are exempted from federal Caller ID rules. When you call emergency numbers, your phone number is transmitted even if you have Per-Line Blocking. In fact, the display device used by emergency services usually shows not only your phone number, but also your address so that police, fire and ambulance services can locate you in case you’re unable to provide the address.

      Telemarketers. Under FCC rules, telemarketers are required to transmit Caller ID information and are prohibited from blocking such information.

    How to do Relations and Functions in Algebra 1?
    Identify the input and output for each scenario and decide whether or not it represents a function. Use complete sentences to explain your answer.
    1.) Each student in your class identifies his or her birthday.

    2.) Each student in your class identifies his or her phone number.

    3.) At a family reunion, each person writes down his or her home address to create a family directory.

    Please help? D:

    • ANSWER:
      1.) Each student in your class identifies his or her birthday.

      Not a function...

      2. A function...

      3. Not a function...

      Good luck!

    How Can I Buy This Particular Toll-free Phone Number?
    I've identified a toll free number (1-800-7x4-8x37) that I want to buy. The number is not currently in use, so I'm trying to figure out who owns it or how to buy it. I'm not interested in renting or leasing, but I can't find anyone who offers those options for this phone number either.

    • ANSWER:
      You cant buy a toll free telephone number. You can pay a monthly fee to use the number. Toll free numbers can be rent nationally, regionally, or locally. You will get a certain number of minutes included for your monthly fee. Look at sites like

    How to locate a hard short in my inside telephone wiring?
    My house is unable to receive calls, but we can dial out. The people calling in claim that they only get static. The AT&T repair center says that I have a "hard short." I did a test with a corded telephone at my network box outside and it can receive calls, therefore, the problem is inside where there is a ridiculous number of wires/devices connected to only one phone number/line. I disconnected all of those wires, pulled the wires out of the wall, and saw that they were fine. Then I connected one phone to the jack directly connected to the network box - I could receive calls.

    What method or device can help me easily identify the hard wire short rather than the process of elimination? Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Let us start were the wire from the out side box enters your home.At that point they are connected to all the wires going to the many areas of your home.If you have access to a volt/ohm meter turn it on and put it in the ohms position,touch the 2 clips on the meter together and the needle or reading should go to 100%,that is what a hard short looks like to the disconect all the wires going to the rest of the house,from the wire going to the outside box.Twist all the red wires together and connect one side of the clip going to the meter,then touch the green wires one at a time to the other clip going to the you touch the green wires to the second clip keep an Eye on the meter once it jumps to 70,80,90 or100% youve found your shorted wire.Trace that green wire back till you identify the bad wire and disconect the red wire from the rest of the other red take the red and green wires to the bad inside wire and hook them up to the meter and the needle should jump to 100%.leave that wire disconected and put the remaining wires back together with the wire going to outside box,and your problem should be solved,oh one more thing if you find that one of the jks in the house does not work that is the bad jk and was the source of your problem,

    Can hotels legally insist I give them my address and phone?
    Hotels insist on wanting my address and phone number when I check in. I refuse them but usually this leads to arguments where they say they "need" this information. I tell them the only thing they need is my credit card to guarantee the payment. Is there any law saying they must collect this info?

    • ANSWER:
      In Ontario, it is a LEGAL requirement, under the Innkeepers Act, to identify and record the names, and home addresses of all who stay in the hotel or motel.

      How many times has someone died in a hotel room ? Happens all the time, Or a guest has become ill and requires emergency Ambulance transfer to a hospital ? Or a important message is received from back home ?

      Without proper identification of guests, the whole thing becomes much more involved and needlessly confused.

      I echo the previous comments.....what are you trying to hide ?

      Jim B. Toronto.

    When you send an instant message to a cell phone, from your computer, using AIM?
    When you send an instant message to a cell phone, from your computer, using AIM -- it shows your screenname, but it also shows a number, but not a phone number. It's a number like, 265-061 -- is that the ID # of the persons computer? It shows that number along with the screenname, and that # is used for subsequent messages from that screenname.

    Does it identify your computer?

    • ANSWER:
      It's your account ID


    What could happen from posting an email address on a message board?
    I understand why posting your full name, address, or phone number could be dangerous. But if you were to give out your email address online -- one without your real name, and without any identifying information in the address, what could happen beyond getting a heckload of spam? This is a serious question.

    • ANSWER:
      besides a ton of spam, maybe nothing

      it all depends on the site youre posting your email on, if its a highly visited site then id expect a ton of spam

      it also depends on if anyone will really look at it

      there are ways that someone can take your email and figure out where youre posting from and in turn figure out your name and all that

    Is there a good site to help identify insects?
    I live in Tennessee, and saw an interesting bug, but don't know what it is. I would say that it looks like a mix between a shield bug and a roly-poly (pill bug). If you know any possibilities, or know a good site or phone number to help me out, let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      If you are looking to know exactly what it is and you live near a University with an entomology department then you can just take the bug to them and if anyone is around they'll probably identify it for you. I know people did this all the time when I was back in college. Other than that, I dont know of any specific site to identify any bug.

    If someone has your cell phone number, how much information can they get about you?
    I want to really know if someone has your cell phone number could they steal your identity?

    • ANSWER:
      They would have a hard time stealing your identity without your social security number and date of birth. But, having your phone number does make it easier for them to identify you and know who you are...

    Where did 555 come from for phony phone numbers?
    Why is 555 the number to signal a fake phone number in movies and TV, and why doesn't it work when dialed?

    • ANSWER:
      It was originally used in TV and movies since there was no actual 'home' 555 prefixes. That is no longer the case. There are many 555 prefixes now, especially on toll free numbers, not just for information like 555-1212, but for business purposes. Even MCI uses 700-555-4141 to identify what long distance carrier you have.

    Is there a central source for phone numbers? Something like ICANN is to domain names?
    My understanding of how a phone number must work is that when you dial a phone number, a central operator must process the number, determine if it exists, then forward it to the provider (like verizon, at&t, comcast...). Who is the central operator?

    • ANSWER: is responsible for assigning area codes and thousands blocks to telephone providers in north america...

      here is a little example of how it works...

      the NANPA assigns area code 999 to belong to xx state

      within that state it says that all 555-1xxx numbers will belong to company a
      all 555-2xxx numbers will belong to company b etc....
      (you can check what company owns what thousand block here

      your telephone is connected to a switch at your local central office... when you dial a number the switch determines if it is a local call or long distance call, and routes it accordingly...
      it will first send the call out to whatever area code you are attempting to dial, from their the exchange is then determined (by the first 3 digits of the number after the area code) at the central office that is desginated for that area code/exchange (such as 999-555-xxxx in the example) then it looks for a line with the remaining numbers of the phone number... if the number exists the call is completed, if there is no such number, the relevant recording or tone is played back...

      the reason that you may occasionally hear what seems like a coded message before or after a telephone recording is because it is identifying the equiptment that is providing the recording - because a call may be routed thru several different switches to complete the call, it can be difficult to locate where troubles occur, so these coded messages ex. "the number you have dialed is not in service.. message 3 switch 321" help identify where the recording was played from... this is useful in troubleshooting problems... so the phone company knows if your local CO, the receiving parties CO, or somewhere in between returned the recorded message...

      this is really an over simplified explanation... just to attempt to explain some of the basics of how numbers are assigned, and calls are routed... things are more technical than this example...

    How do you get an ID on an incoming call?
    I don't like to answer calls on my cell phone unless I know who it is? Is there a way I can identify the caller when I just see the phone number?

    • ANSWER:
      No. A cell phone looks for the number in the phone book on the phone. If it is there it displays the name or even a picture. If it not there it only displays the number.

    How do I identify somebody by their mobile phone number?
    A friend of mine had their wallet and a bag robbed by an individual. I have two mobile phone numbers for this individual from a third party but that's it in terms of information. How can I go about finding out who this individual is using the two mobile phone numbers?

    • ANSWER:
      You need a Cell Phone Ping

    How can I impress my boss on a marketing project involving the creation of a list of potential customers?
    I have a huge list of people and their positions in the company they work for. Most of the companies are not-for-profit and the people on the list are generally in executive or leadership positions. My job is to compile a list of their contact information, specifically their email and work phone number. I would like to go above and beyond his expectations of the project. One possibility I have thought of is also inserting a little sentence about how the comapany can benefit from our service. I am new to the company and it is a small stat-up: I would like to make a good impression, but considering the length of the list, I need to consider how I can make it quality work and manage to complete the task in a reasonable amount of time. Any suggestions at all are welcome and I appreciate all positive responses. Thanks a lot.

    • ANSWER:
      Once you've collected their emails and work phones, identify a measure or characteristic that is common in all your cutomers. Based on that characteristic, compile a list of say the 20 top customers that exhibit that characteristic best.

      It can be more than 1 characteristic which runs through all of them or the majority of them. In which case, your list will be reduced to say top 15.

      Then add one more quality and which will further reduce your list, but then all those companies in this list will have all qualities.

      Compile each list in rank order. Give your boss all lists and begin with the one that has the most number of characteristics.

      If it doesn't work, he'll at least see that you're making an effort on your own; you're taking initiative. All the best!

    Log in problem of facebook when travel to another country?
    I travel from Ghana to India and when tried to log in Facebook/yahoo i cant open it.They want me to identify thorough my phone number but i do not get my code number on my mobile which i am carrying in India also, on facebook identify my friend pictures also not yield any results. So what is the method of open myy facebook and yahoo account.

    • ANSWER:

    How do you identify a restricted phone number?
    I've been getting a lot of prank phone calls and i know its one of my friends but its really starting to get annoying and i know there is a way to figure out what number they are calling from even if they do use *67. If you know how to find the number they are calling from that would be great help!

    • ANSWER:
      I you are using a cellphone, you will know that it is a private number because there are no numbers displayed when someone is calling you. Sometimes it is displayed as "Private Number" or Just "Calling", it depends on the cellphone you are using. If you use a cellphone or a smart telephone, it will be tracked. As long as the one calling you is using an ordinary phone, cellphone not using a telephone booth (coin or card activated)

    I have not been able to find a contact phone number for customer service?
    I believe the bounced email just reads "mailbox full" I have not been able to find a contact phone number to contact customer service

    • ANSWER:
      Could you please identify the company you are trying to contact? Do a search for the name of the company, click the "contact us" button. You should be able to find a phone number there.

    What does a plus sign in front of a phone number mean?
    Someone called my cell phone and the number had a plus sign in front of it, followed by a 12 digit number. I'm guessing the first two to be a country access code? The number started as +44144, and then a 7 digit number.

    • ANSWER:
      + sign is an Exit Code,it is used by telephone company to identify that the number is outside the country then the calls are routed EXIT out this country to the country specified with the country code.
      BTW,+4414xxxxxx is a landline number for UK.

    Is it safe to put phone number on facebook?
    Will the phone number of mine be accessible by my facebook applications?

    • ANSWER:
      No, not safe.

      Because once you sign up for an "application" you are also giving permission for the originator of that app, and everyone else (your so-called Friends) who gets access to your Facebook page, to see your personal data.

      It's dangerous to put your phone number down, because with that, they can identify your home address too. Just "google" your phone number, and see that it will pull up your address too.

      Use only IM or email addresses for personal contact information. Thought everyone knew that.

      (btw, your real friends should already know your phone number, why should you advertise it to strangers?)

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