Is There A Way To Look Up Cell Phone Numbers

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    How to look up cell phone numbers?
    Is there a way to look up cell phone numbers to find out who the owners are on the web that is free?

    • ANSWER:
      The only way to find out a cell phone owner's details for free is by searching for the number on Google or any other search engine and seeing if it comes up with the person's contact information. You could also try looking on social networks like MySpace or Craigslist to see if he or she put their phone number and stuff online (which doesn't happen very often unfortunately).

      So really the only way you can find out for free is if the person put their contact details up on the Web for all to see. The lifespan of a cell phone number is just too short, and privacy laws too strict, to make a free reverse cell phone directory possible.

      There are services though that spend a considerable amount of effort and money gathering up all these cell phone records and cross-checking them to make sure they are current and up-to-date. That way they can offer them to the public for a small fee.

      I'm a member of a service that lets me do unlimited reverse look ups on cell phones and unlisted numbers, which I need to do pretty often for my business for background check reasons and so on. You can do a free preliminary search for your unknown cell phone number at to see if the records are available.

      Oh also, it's all fully legal and confidential, so the person you're looking for won't know you did it. You can also decide if you want to do a one-time lookup for a smaller fee or get the full membership for unlimited searches. Good luck!

    How can I look up a cell phone number?
    Are there any websites that allow you to look up cell phone numbers? I need to find a number using a person's name - not doing a reverse look-up.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think the previous answerer read the question! The asker doesn't want to know who owns a particular cell phone number - they know the person's name, they want to find out which cell phone number that person owns.

      I'm not sure there is a way to do that. On White Pages you can enter someone's name and find their land line number, but I don't think it will tell you their cell number. It would be worth trying that to see if they also have a landline number - then you could just phone and ask for their cell number.

      Otherwise - do you know which social networks this person hangs out on? You might be able to hook up with them and just ask.

    What is a good reverse cell phone number look up service provider?
    I'm getting calls/text on my cell from unknown numbers that according to reverse look up are cell phone numbers. I've had my number for over five years now, so I shouldn't be getting unsolicited calls/text for other people. I know that I will have to pay for this service, but does anyone know of a good company to go with? I've done some research but most seem shady and don't supply a lot of information regarding what their services can do. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, it's hard to say what is the best reverse cell phone mubmer look up service proivder, but it's easy to get some good providers.

      As far as I know, there are many good providers online, some providers will help you without any fee. So I suggest that you can use google or yahoo search engine by typing "reverse cell phone look up", "reverse cell phone number look up service provider", "best reverse cell phone number look up" or something like these into search frame, then click "search" button, I think probably you can get some good providers.

      Have a try and good luck to you!

    Is it possible to keep my cell phone number off the internet?
    I heard that there is a way for people to pay to look up cell phone numbers. I don't think anyone would actually do that to me, but I do not like the idea. Is there anyway to get that information off the internet?

    • ANSWER:
      Put your name on the do not call list...and dont sign up for random things on the internet.

    Is it possible to look up a cell phone number online?
    Lets say if I lost my freinds number, and I would like to look it up online by their first and last name, is this possible. Im not sure if Cell phone numbers are listed under any directory.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there....

      It is not possible to legally obtain cell phone numbers or the names online or anywhere else. The links to which the folks above are referring to will only have landline phone information. Cell phone numbers/names in the US is still regarded as private.

      Hope this helps!

    How to look up unlisted cell phone numbers?
    I am interested in finding this friend of mine but I am not sure which state she resides in now. It has been years since we last talked and I figured the best way to find her would be through a cell phone number since I am almost positive that she has one. If I know her, I know that her number will be unlisted, so my question is how do I look up an unlisted cell phone number?

    • ANSWER:
      There are a few things that you can do to find an unlisted cell phone number.
      1.Google the person you are looking for using all of the information that you can remember about the individual and see what you come up with. Sometimes, the information you will receive will have the person's contact information, such as a phone number, listed for them.
      2.If you do not come up with the desired phone number, you can always try to find the person's "personal home page." This page usually has a lot of personal information as well and could yield the desired results.
      3.If neither of these options gives you the unlisted cell phone number, you can go to a database that does reverse cell phone searches. There is a minimal fee, but it is well worth it if you really want the number. Some of these database sites also offer a background search as well so you can find your friend's current address and what they have been doing for the past few years since you lost touch with them.

      Quickly and Easily Find Reverse Records Using Our Advanced Online Retrieval System ?

    Looking for a cell phone, the ones you program numbers into for young kids to use? For use in Canada?
    Looking for a cell phone, something I can program some numbers in for my young daughter. But not a regular cell phone that she can call whoever on. Need this to be for use in Canada, any and all help is greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Its tough to know what all is available in Canada (im in the US), but there are a lot of phones out there that have security restrictions that can help you. If you go to a phone store and check some out, look under the security settings. Many have options to restrict the phone to only calling the numbers in the phonebook, then, you can password protect the contact list so she can only call who you want! Hope this helps!

    How do you look up cell phone numbers?
    Can you look up a person's cell phone number if you have thier name and address?

    • ANSWER:
      maybe.. idk! try!

    Is there a genuinely free reverse look up for cell phone numbers?
    I've found one for landline numbers, but the same site wants 5 bucks for a single cell phone look up

    • ANSWER:
      I have done quite a bit of research on this and the only way to search for a cell phone number for free is by searching it on Google. For example type in:


      Cell phone numbers unlike landline numbers are kept private so they are not available publicly through the phone book or yellow pages. It is actually illegal for the phone companies to make cell phone data public domain.

      Unfortunately searching for it through Google often very rarely tells you anything about the person.
      There is however a way to identify the cell number’s identity, address, and a lot more. You do need to pay a small fee to get this information because it is private and services pay a lot of money to gain access to the cell phone directory.

      But you can search and preview the results for free. If you are not satisfied afterward they offer a full 60 day guarantee to get a refund.

      The service I have used with the most success can be found at Spyspace -

      Simply enter the phone number in the search box to view the instant results.

    How do you send text messages to multiple cell phone users with a single step?
    Example: I have my workers cell phone numbers and I would like to let them all know I'm running late, quickly and efficiently by typing into my phone. I'm running late. Is there a way to setup a folder with the numbers I want the message to go too. Like you do with email. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      All Cellphones have this ability to set up Groups, like on Yahoo messenger or your mail
      And you can send to either their NUMBER or Email address.

      So you know the process for mail- it's somewhat similar

      Looking at 2 different phones - Hopefully (NOT confusing) this will help you..
      "Concept the same --- Providing same result "

      (newer phone)
      1. First add the contacts phone numbers
      Usual Options
      >firstname, lastname
      mobile 1 mobile 2, home, fax email Group picture ID , birthday, url, notes
      street1, street 2, city, state zip , country
      notes, ringtone ,

      If you . Go to have an addressbook
      normally should have these 4 options
      >Contact List
      >Speed Dial

      2. Select Groups
      >>Create Group
      Now to add contact s
      Click on Option s
      Go thru contact list and select contacts for this group

      You can go to your Contacts and where it give option for Group , Select that and add the group you created

      I am sure you get the idea.

      Now here is an IDEA for a QUICK message when running late

      Add Contact (YOURSELF)
      Create Message
      {Select Options
      *Quick Text - (found here)
      Has pre written phrases and text that you have already typed and can be used over again for "quick messages'}

      2.End to Save as a Draft
      3 Edit & Send this Message to yourself
      See if you keep it in drafts, up just have to go in and edit the Send to
      So now when you get this message
      Save that TEXT as QUICKTEXT

      Creating a Message will be Super fast
      You can either go to your Drafts and ADD GROUP of contacts OR
      Create Message
      1. New
      2. Add Group
      3 Add Quick Text
      4 SEND

      You can edit your Group at anytime before sending...

      I will edit.

      Samsung Hue flip phone
      Click on Menu
      Then Select Group
      "Add Contacts"

      Go to the Contact
      Edit Contact
      Go to Group - Add the new group that was created to Contact

      when you go back to "GROUPS" for each contact that you added seperatly - say 4= it should say 4 in column. You can select the Group and see the names

      Now that is out of the way- For your message.

      It is smart to add a "common message to quicktext "

      Create new message
      a)Add Contacts (group)
      b) Create message
      c) Save to Drafts and
      d) send a copy to yourself
      When you get message- save the text as quicktext

      You can Quickly go to you Drafts and then Edit contacts Edit message if needed using quicktext -Clikc End or Send
      END will save it again, Send will send message just edited

      Now the Contact lists are expanding to include Email addresses

      You can Create Your Group to also include their email addresses- OR I would call it Like
      >> work-emails
      and then you can do the same thing if needed

      SORRY if this is redundant
      it would help to know your phone
      I just wanted to give a Variety to people

      I would be willing to HELP you create a Yahoo Messenger Group List for when you are logged into Yahoo SMS -
      This could be another way to message your workers

      Join this website - ask the workers to create an account and Join
      then you can do it in 1 step
      it goes to everyone in this group.

      this is a great way to send messages to a Group :)

    Looking For A Reverse Phone Lookup Online For Cell phone Numbers?
    I know we can lookup phone numbers online, but can we lookup cell phone numbers as well. I have some numbers I want to check, to see who is calling me at all hours of the night and giving me abuse. Please let me know of a good, reliable reverse phone lookup.

    • ANSWER:
      A reverse phone lookup you can use is you will get all information from a cell phone or home phone number. The information you will get will include a full name and address for the owner of the number.

    How do you find the name of the person texting you?
    I have been having four people text me some very weird stuff and I dont know their names. I am ignoring them but am wanting to know who they are. Supposedly they go to my school. I tried looking up their cell phone numbers on search engines but you have to pay for the naming part. Its really annoying.

    • ANSWER:
      ask! if it were me i would love to meet new friends! i always get those and me and them becum the bestest friend hah!

    How do you find the name of the person texting you?
    I have been having four people text me some very weird stuff and I dont know their names. I am ignoring them but am wanting to know who they are. Supposedly they go to my school. I tried looking up their cell phone numbers on search engines but you have to pay for the naming part. Its really annoying.

    • ANSWER:

    Any One know how to do a reverse cell phone look up for free?
    Does anyone know how to do a reverse look up on a cell phone number? This odd numbers has been calling my phone but i don't want to answer it. Does anyone know how to do a reverse cell phone look up for free?

    • ANSWER:
      You can visit this site it has lots of Great Information on Free Calls

    How can I do a reverse look up for cell phone numbers?
    I need to somehow figure out how to get names and/or addresses from a cell phone number...There has to be a way to do this on the net. Somebody please fill me in, Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Go to this website, you can try running their number on their site, it will instantly give the state where the phone is located.
      This website also does these following paid services:
      Search Cell phones, Landlines, Listed & Unlisted Numbers
      100% Confidential & Legal
      Includes Name, Address, Carrier and Location Detail

      i hope this helps.

    How to find cell phone numbers for free?
    I was wondering if there was a free cell phone directory where I could look up a number.I keep getting calls from the same number and want to find out who it belongs to. I found out it is a cellphone number and not a land line but I can't seem to find a place to reverse search cell phone numbers for free.

    • ANSWER:
      I assume you do answer the phone and there is nobody on the other end right? I realize you want to know how to find cell phone numbers for free but I am afraid reverse phone searches of this nature are not can find out for a very minimal fee though so it all depends how important it is for you to find out who the mystery caller is. Take a look at this article it explains in more detail about why there are no genuine free reverse cell phone directories and where to go from here.

      It is titled Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Services - Any Free Options?

    Is there a site anywhere that will help you find cell phone numbers without charging a fee?
    I am having some problems with my husband and his cell phone friend. How can I find out numbers and who they belong to? I know somebody out there has had this same problem and can help me. I don't have a credit card and can't look them up that way. There must be a way to help good people find out about the bad ones that are doing them wrong.

    • ANSWER:
      i can 100% tell you that you cannot find it for a cell without paying. I have to search these #'s for work. I promise you that you cannot. AS far the answer above from another user. cannot give you this information either. You can do a reverse # in but only for registered landlines. It will tell you if it is a cell and the cell company but the not the owners name. If the landlind is a registered # you can get their names and addresses but if they are not registered, it will only tell you landline and phone company name.

    Can I keep my cell phone number when moving from the US to Canada?
    My wife and I are moving to Canada and we were wondering if we could keep our cell phone numbers and avoid paying long distance/roaming fees when taking to family and friends back in the US.

    I have looked up cell phone plans in Canada but I haven't found any information regarding the portability of US cell phone numbers to their system. Any thoughts?

    • ANSWER:

    Are there any free websites to look up whose Cell phone numbers are calling my phone?
    Ive been getting these 2 cell phone numbers calling my phone at all hours of the night but when i cll back either they hang up on me or dont answer. Soooo I would like to know if theres actually a free website out there that will show me the name associated with these numbers.

    Thanks in Advance!! :)

    • ANSWER:
      No but you can search the number on google, if someone has it it will be listed

    tabase wHow much is a cell phone number database worth to a information broker?
    After conducting business with an information broker, he was unable to pay for our services and offered a cell phone database as payment. He explained this is very valuable and I wanted to see if anyone has an idea of what it is truly worth.

    The database contains 400 million cell phone numbers from the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. 4 million are full records.

    I have never brokered this type of information and I would appreciate it if someone could give me an idea of what its value is.


    • ANSWER:
      I am interested in who this person is as we ( ) are the only, I repeat, ONLY provider of such a database. Please take a look at our website for further information.

      We sell the database for the prices listed on the site however have applied certain discounts at times. The database is worth FAR more to the right people who would know how to use it.


    can you still renew your cell phone contract with the same number if you wait until your contract ends?
    I have a family plan with AT&T and my contract ends in August. I want to know if i can still renew my contract if my contract is already expired. Lets say for example i decide to renew my contract 5 days after it already has ended. Would i still be able to renew it with the same cell phone numbers?

    • ANSWER:
      Your phone doesn't get turned off just because your contract has ended. You'll continue to have the same service. You can renew your contract 5 years after your contract ended if you want. If you're looking to upgrade a phone, you may not have to wait until the contract ends. You probably already qualify for an upgrade renewal right now. Just contact customer care to verify your upgrade eligibility.

    How can I block texts from coming into my cell phone?
    I keep getting random texts on my cell phone from unknown numbers. It's usually stuff for sale or a "info of the day" type thing. How do I block these texts? I have a Nokia AT &T flip phone..... I try looking under details when the text comes, but there is no option to "block".


    • ANSWER:

    Is there any free service on the internet that reverse looks up CELL phone numbers?
    some kid is prank calling my son using his cell phone. I've got the kid's number. Every service I try to do reverse look up with wants to hit my credit for a month for next 6 months. Shouldn't I be able to find this for free?

    • ANSWER:
      Doesn't exist. Just get your carrier to block the #.

    Are you able to search for unlisted prepaid cell phone numbers?
    Are you able to search for unlisted prepaid cell phone numbers?
    Can someone track you down if they are looking for you on reverse cell phone search.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there....

      In the US, all cell phone numbers are private at this time, so the answer to both questions are no.

      Hope this helps!

    How can I block private numbers from calling my cell phone?
    I don't want my cell phone to accept bloked phone numbers from calling me how can I make that happen I know on a regular phone you dial *72 or something like that not sure please help!

    • ANSWER:
      A lot of private numbers are solicitors. To block them you can sign up for a National Do Not Call list and your number will be taken off. The number is: 1-888-382-1222

      If you're looking to not accept any calls that are blocked regardless of telemarketer or not, you can talk to your cell phone provider and they will most likely be able you but it may cost more a month.

    Why arent Cell phone numbers listed in the phone book?
    Since just about everyone owns a cell phone now and alot of ppl use it solely as their house phone,,,shouldnt there be a way to look up someone's number ?

    Why isn't there a cell phone directory?

    • ANSWER:
      because other people can do a LOT with cellphone numbers these days......

    Is there any way I could find a name to a cell phone # for free?
    I would like very much to know how to look up cell phone # or unlisted numbers that come up on my caller ID. I know this is a common problem, I do not care how much work in research it would take me just as long as i know in the long run I will find the answer.

    • ANSWER:
      no, not yet, but we are all waiting!!!

    Is there any way to block a cell phone from calling certain phone numbers?
    The situation is a child has a cell phone for emergency calls only, but is not to use it to call any other numbers. I am looking for some sort of service or function to prevent the cell phone from calling all numbers except a few family numbers and 911.

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a family plan and the child's phone is hosted or shared under the primary phone account, you should be able to log onto your phone account online an block or allow whatever numbers you want.

      If you're not sure about how to do that, contact the service provider.

    Cheapest cell phone plan to park a phone number I want to keep but will probably never use?
    I have an old cell phone number that I just don't want to let go of but I'll hardly ever use so I'm looking for a cell phone plan that's cheap and bare bones. This number might get used once or twice a year and that's it. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      The GoPhone or any pay-as-you go plan, the no contract kind. I think you can transfer numbers to it. Though, I must ask, why would you want a number you never use?

    When I look at my cell phone bill, what do the numbers represent in the from category?
    They are not phone numbers either. I was wondering if they were from a computer.

    • ANSWER:
      calls going out..your billed for incoming calls also

    is there a way to track cell phone numbers and text messages from another phone on an account?
    My son is on a second line to a cell phone. For a while now my phone company has not listed the phone activity by numbers. Now he is acting a little bit out of his normal character and I am getting concerned. We do not communicate like we used to and I feel he is hiding something. So is there a way to get recorded history of the phone?

    • ANSWER:
      Just ask your carrier for detailed billing, or look up your account on your carriers website and should have call history.

      This will only mention calls made/rec'd texts made/recivd to where and what time, but that's about it.

      You can't look at content of those messages; and assuming they've stored them, they won't be accessible to you. The only way to get those is a court ordered subpoena.

    Bank of America calling, how do you stop it?
    When I opened my joint account with my boyfriend, the only numbers given were our home and cell phone numbers but they are contacting my parents' residence instead of the given numbers. When they contact my parents' residence the automatic machine speaks of my account activity, information, everything which is my personal business. When I chat with a representative and associates they tell me automatic machine should only call the numbers given.

    I am also an add on (co-owner) of my parents' bank of america account but that should not interfere with my personal account because they're not on my account. I told the associates this and they said, that does not have to with anything.

    Has anyone been in this situation? What did you do?

    I am planning to close the account soon because it's just hilarious how no one can answer my question. Each representative, I spoke with over the past month goes, I have updated your numbers and I assure you this is fixed. They will never call at that residence again. The next day, calls are called. Never open Bank of America, you can even read lots of people's complaints regarding BOA if you look up BOA!

    • ANSWER:
      Tell them to take you outta the system. Or you can look for that service - the do not call list.
      Or better yet... tell them to f**k off :)

    Can a manager of a cell phone store look into phone records and find other people's phone numbers?
    I need to know if anyone knows...if a person is a manager of a cell phone place like...Verizion can that person look into the records of other people that have a phone through At&T and access personal information? Like their cell phone numbers...and names stuff like that?

    • ANSWER:
      eYes certainly they can. If they have access to the phone company computer records/phone exchange,
      (managers do) then they will have all info at their fingertips. This can be illegal without pemission, but it does happen off the record.

    How can I get friends'cell phone numbers?
    I lost my friends' cell phone numbers.

    • ANSWER:
      If you're looking for a cell phone number directory - it does not exist.

    is it worth looking into a salvage title mustang?
    I see an ad on craigslist for a 2003 mustang coupe convertible for 00 with 92,762 mileage. They also provided pictures and two cell phone numbers. But it says 'salvage title' I looked up the word and it's a vehicle that is not drive-able. Should I just look up another car? Or should I get an inspector to look at it before purchasing?

    • ANSWER:
      if everything absolutely checks out and has been repaired properly, yes

      you have to be very careful w/ salvage title cars, but if you do your homework and find a good one you that wasn't completely totaled and has been repaired properly you can end up getting a pretty decent car for 1/2 the price...though of course it won't be worth much (if anything) if you try to resell it later

    What to look for onyour cell phone when looking for a tracking device?
    My sisters ex fiance is really mad ather after she moved out and she still talks to him but she has been getting calls and texts from ristricted numbers that know everything about her. Even the text she is sending to all her friends. Is there a small tracking device my sisters ex fiance could have put on her phone. He is in colledge and is majoring in computers. If it is possible is there a way to detech if there is one on her cell phone or any of are phones?

    • ANSWER:
      yea, he may put tracking device on your sister's cellphone.
      I suggest you go to a mobile spy website to get more info about this spying tools.

    Why is the order of numbers on a calculator reversed on the phone?
    On a calculator, from left to right, numbers start from the top right corner at 9 and descend numerically leftward. On a phone (modern land line or cell phone), the numbers, from right to left, start from the top left corner at 1. Why did people make it like that? ***The funniest thing about it is that 0 is always on the bottom.

    • ANSWER:
      If you look at the numeric key pad group on you keyboard, you will see that they too are set up like a calculator. Long before electronic calculators, that was the convention on adding machines, as the lower numbers were used the most. That convention, same as the "qwerty" keyboard format carried over to both calculators and computers. Then came along (or I should say; "when") the touch tone pad, All 16
      keys, with the 1 in the top left corner, 5 (with the little dot or bump in the middle) in the middle and A at the top right corner. Naturally, the standard 12 key pad is just missing the 4 Alpha keys. It was chosen to put the 1 in the top left corner as it was this country's country code and was used to dial all out of area long distance calls. the dot or bump on the 5 button was to find the center of the pad in the dark and many phones are "hot keyed" on the 5 button to dial 911.

      No disrespect intended ED, but you have to be kinda careful of some of the stuff on wipaeditedwith near-truths at times, guy.

    Is there a directory assistance for cell phones?
    I am looking for my friends cell phone number and can't find it.

    • ANSWER:
      There is no such thing, cell phone numbers are private, thank god! You're gonna have to hire a private investigator.

    How to look up a cell phone number?
    How do a find a cell phone number for someone who has Nextel/Sprint? Anyone know?
    I tried reverse cell phone look up and they never come up with a cell phone number-only landlines.

    • ANSWER:
      Search cell, residential, business, pager, mobile,unlisted phone numbers and Reverse phone number search.

    How do I copy phone numbers into other cell phones quickly?
    I have 35 old cell phones, they don't have Bluetooh or WiFi, just a SIM card. I have to copy dozens of the same phone numbers into all these cell phones, and so far I did manually, which takes ages!

    Is there a good, quick way to put that many phones numbers in that many cell phones quickly?

    • ANSWER:
      Here are some ways

      Save all your contact numbers in the SIM Card Memory. So when you transfer you sim Card to the other phones all you have to do is copy the sim card contact numbers to you phone memory. By the way some phones doesn' t require that. They access both sim card memory or you can set which memory to use.

      Download all your contact number from phone to pc via cable connection and do the reverse on the other phones.

      Some providers allow you space to save contact numbers and retrieve them via menu services in the sim is also worth looking into.

    These days everyone has cell phones. How do you look up addresses and phone numbers?
    Is there a FREE cell phone book? How do you find people if they don't have a landline?

    • ANSWER:
      You ask them for their number. Cell phone numbers are protected by privacy laws and there is no directory.

    Website needed to store cell phone numbers?
    Is there a reliable website that I can use to store all of my cell phone contact numbers. Just in case it ever gets lost I can restore them easily? I'm looking for a free site if possible.

    • ANSWER:, that costs tho... just use microsoft outlook. if your phone and computer have bluetooth compatibility you can just send all of your contacts to your computer via bluetooth. :)

    How do I ask the girl I like to go out with me?
    See There's this girl I like and were both good friends and we both have each others cell phone numbers but we don't really talk that much! We usually talk by text and IM each other! But she is going to my high school next year so we will be seeing each other a lot more! But I still have to wait a month! So how can I start getting her to talk with me and ask her out? And should I ask her out during the summer or wait till school starts and ask her directly in person?

    • ANSWER:
      Asking girls out has no time restrictions. Whether it's summer or not it doesn't matter. As long as you know how to approach smoothly and with good intentions I think you'll be fine.

      It's best for you to build your confidence first. Try to look good on her. Make her attracted to you rather than you chasing her. After that approach her and say what you feel in a not awkward manner.
      Then ask if she wants to go out with you. Just be honest with your intention to her.

    Is there a website that requires no sign ups or fees where you can search people cell phone numbers?
    I'm looking to find someone I knew years ago, but every cell phone number site I find asks me to sign up and pay to see their details.

    • ANSWER:
      Doesn't say much but

    What style cell phone is good for an older person?
    I got my mom a cell phone about 2 years ago to bring her up to the technology world and finally have a cell phone. I didnt realize when I got her the phone that the numbers are really hard to see and the key pad is really small for her. I have her set up with Alltel and I know she is due for a new phone soon. Can anyone tell me what kind of phone has bigger numbers and a bigger screen to see who is calling?

    • ANSWER:

      I looked on the Alltel's website and there isn't that many phones that have big keypad. And the touchscreen phones most are too high tech for older person. from all their phones I think Motorola Krave ZN4 is the better choice. because it's not too high tech, and it has a good size touchscreen keypad, with this type of keypad is a lot easier to see the numbers, because they are big and bright. and they have a clear screen cover build-in.

      hopefully that help's a bit.

      P.S. F.Y.I. Alltel is now a part of Verizon Wireless

    What is the better wireless carrier for me?
    We have 6 wireless cell phone numbers all on a 2 year plan for sprint. that plan is about to expire and i am wondering if i should stick with sprint?
    we need unlimited minutes and text and the best plan for the cheapest price

    do you know of any suitable plans for my family and the cheapest deals?

    so please, which wireless carrier should we pick!?

    please help, add your own experiences if you need to


    • ANSWER:
      Hi There!

      We had three phones on our family plan with T-Mobile - my wife's Sidekick, my Blackberry and my nephew's Blackberry. It took a little bit-fiddling at first to find the right plan - one that gave us enough minutes each month so that we used them all (or almost all of them) without going over. That is the trick to the equation (and it's how cell co's make money on these "family plans") - if you go way under on the minutes you use, then the cell companies win big. Let's say you buy a 1500 minute monthly plan for 9.99 - that comes out to about $.09 per minute. At month end, you find that your family only used 725 minutes. Well, guess what? You just paid $.18 per minute - DOUBLE - and lost most of the value of that family plan!

      Conversely, the family plans with bulk minutes usually have VERY HIGH rates if you go over your bucket minutes. Ours was $.40 per minute. So in our case, if we bought the same 1500 minutes for 9.99, but we went over by 400 minutes in a given month, our add-on charge for minutes over our bucket would be an additional 0.00 - that's PLUS the 9.99 we paid for the first 1500 minutes. Broken down per minute, we just took out $.09 per-minute great family rate and turned it into an average rate of FIFTEEN CENTS a minute.

      The other "gotcha" with the family bundle plans is that none to my knowledge let you roll-over unused minutes into the next month - so it's use it or lose it on the bucket minutes.

      Some things to consider:

      Teens and older pre-teens use mostly text minutes and instant messaging, so having an unlimited data plan and unlimited text is very important if you are giving phones to your kids.

      Men don't use many minutes, in general, unless they are sales professionals or betting on sports. Most men's cell calls are of very short duration - two minutes is a ong call where a man is concerned.

      Women (at least n our house) use the majority of the minutes. My wife runs our household since I am disabled - she is coordinating the schedules of three people - me, my 5 year old son, and herself. She is involved in some community activities as well. On a slow month, she uses between 1,100 and 1,650 minutes. So, for our family, a 2,000 minute bundle from T-Mobile that included unlimited data plans for all three of us and unlimited texting, plus free mobile-to-mobile minutes and free nights and weekends, was the right plan. The base cost of that plan was 9.99 a month, plus .99 for each additional phone (bringing us up to 9.97 a month, and another per phone for unlimited texting and internet data - total), so exclusive of taxes, our monthly bill was 9.97 - not too shabby for three people to get to talk basically all they want.

      Recently, my wife decided she wanted an iPhone (from Apple) - this required us to switch her phone service from T-Mobile to AT&T - so I had to pay T-Mobile 0 for "early termination" of her contract. That was the bad news. The good news is that with my wife off the plan, my nephew and I dropped down to a 1,000 minute a month bucket with unlimited text and data, free weekends and free mobile-to-mobile, and the monthly cost is .00 before tax. So, tht's another "gotcha" - if you decide you're unhappy and leave a carrier, you may have to pay for the privilege. Make sure to listen real closely to the "fine print" when you select a carrier.

      If you do the math and break it down - look at your last year's usage on a month by month basis, and average it out - and choose a plan that seems to match the numbers, you can get a deal from just about any carrier you like and it'll work out fine.

      Lastly, don't be afraid to work one carrier against another - they usually have special deals that are not advertised and that they can break out and offer on the spot if it means keeping you. Call Sprint and tell them exactly what you want, and once you have their best price in writing, confirm the name of the person you spoke with. Then, call their competitors - AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. Tell them what Sprint offered you and ask them to beat it - and they will! Write that info down, including the person you spoke with - and then call ANOTHER company and do the same thing. At day's end you will know you've gotten the best possible deal, and you're getting everything you want and then some! It may seem time-consuming, but this is a bill you'll have to live with for TWO YEARS - it is worth putting the time in to figure it all out on the front side.

      Good luck - if you get stuck drop me a note & I'll help you bail the boat.

      Dave G.

    How do I dial a Mexican cell phone in Mexico from a pay phone or from my US cell phone in Mexico?
    My boss is traveling to Mexico and I need to give him phone numbers to call when he arrives. I think his US cell phone should work but I'd like to explain to him both options, calling from his phone and calling from a pay phone.

    • ANSWER:
      Well if in Mexico and you're calling a Mexican cell phone from either a Mexican pay phone or Mexican cell phone you would dial -
      044 - (area code) - (phone number, some are 6, 7, or 8 numbers)

      If you're calling a Mexican cell phone from an American phone or cell phone you dial - 011 - 52 - 1 - (Area Code) - (Phone Number)

      To call a normal Mexican phone from an American phone or cell phone you dial - 011 - 52 - (Area Code) - (Phone Number)

      I know it looks confusing but these numbers a just for country calling codes. If you notice the only difference from calling a normal Mexican phone and a Mexican cell phone is the 1, which is used to determine if the number is to a cell or not.

    Does anyone use a free reverse lookup cell or registry to track phone numbers?
    I am looking to find a name for all the phone hang ups. Does anyone know of a free cell phone reverse or a good volunteer directory of numbers?

    • ANSWER:
      There are no truly free sites as cell phone records are NOT public records. To get the information requires that records searches be performed by a legitimate agency and they DO charge for this. You will find all kinds of sites that claim to be "free" but all you will get for free is the city and state. I have tried my personal cell phone number in many of these sites and they do not give correct info even at that. They usually come back and tell me that it is a landline number, which I know it is not

    Is it ok to have 20 years older sexual partner?
    I am 16 years old guy who met 35 years old guy via internet. He's cute and nice, and he looks like a 20 years old. I don't know, should I meet him in REAL life? We already exchanged cell phone numbers.

    • ANSWER:
      In your situation it is not ok. If you were 26 and interested in a 46 year old that would be a different story. You can have relationships and all of that now, and that's great, but you do not think the same way a fully mature adult does. This is not opinion. It is a proven fact that your brain does not become fully developed and support mature decision making ability until you are in your early twenties. When a man hits the age of 25 in the US his auto insurance drops dramatically because of studies in human age and behavior. They have determined that by this age a man has reached a point where he isn't as recless in activity and decisions. I used to think that was such a load of crap, but then when I was about 24 I realized that I had actually changed, and that it actually was appropriate to have labeled me as more of a risk previously. It is a change in the way you think. It happens slowly over time and is happening to you now, but won't complete for some time. He on the other hand has had this maturity for a long time and knows a lot more about life than you. You are no where near an emotional match. That is what makes it so possible for older people to take advantage of younger ones. That is why the laws are the way they are about statutory rape. It is wrong because the younger person is not capable of understanding the way the older one feels, and what he is thinking. The older one can often see just what the younger one is thinking and feeling though, and can manipulate them. They can make you feel like they are something different, and say just the right things. This guy may not do that so much with you, but he could. The fact that you are not capable of being on the same level mentally should be important enough to him to not be interested in anyone as young as you. The fact that it isn't shows that he is just looking for sex. To look for sex from someone who may not understand it like he does makes him a predator. Also you never know how accurate of an image he has presented of himself. He could have easily posted or sent a picture of himself ten years ago. I'm 27 and I wouldn't be with anyone your age. In a few years I would because while you still wouldn't be at the same point in life, you would at least be able to think the way I do and understand things the way you will with a fully matured brain. You should look for people within just a few years of your age, and keep in mind that depending on where you live it may be illegal for anyone over 18 to have any kind of sexual relations with you. Don't worry you have an open future for all of that. You will be out on your own before you know it. Time flies.

    At what age is it appropriate to give a child a cell phone?
    My 9 year old has been bugging me for a cell phone for at least a year now, and I'm thinking about getting her a phone for christmas. Is 9 too young? The phone I am thinking about getting her is the migo from verizon wireless. It can accept calls from any number, but can only make calls to 4 parent programmed numbers and 911. Who thinks this is a bad/good idea? I am looking for honest opionions from everyone.
    The phone would be used for when she spends the night with friends, or is at cheerleading practice and football games. Price is not really an option, because the contract is only per month extra. I guess It's a way to make her happy, and set my mind at ease about where she is and what she's doing at the same time.
    When my daughter is at cheerleading practice, there are no phones where she is at. When she is at football games, her and her friends like to walk around and sometimes it's hard to spot her. This has been a problem in the past. We live in a very small town, and sometimes friends that she goes home with have no phone.

    • ANSWER:
      that all depends on the childs level of responsibility, if you feel that she/he will not abuse it and will only use it for proper uses, then yes it is fine, there is no magic age in my opinion, some people grow up faster than others bc of experiences, some are horribly sheltered and end up being 40 and not knowing how to cook themselves a it is all subjective to your child, if you feel he/she is ready to take on some responsibility, then go for it, if not, let them know that, make them prove to you that they can be responsible enough to have a phone.

is there a way to look up cell phone numbers

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