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    What is the phone number for the Tooth Fairy?
    I am completely serious here. The "Easter Bunny's" phone number is 1-781-452-0645. This is for humor only. Apparently, there is a number like this for the Tooth Fairy and Santa? Does anyone know?

    • ANSWER:

    What do I have to do in order to dock/park my 33 feet boat in the Santa Barbara Harbor?
    Can you search online for the Santa Barbara Harbor and tell find out how much it would cost would it be to dock/park my 33 feet boat in water? Can I have the phone number for the Santa Barbara Harbor? I've tried searching but I can never find out what I need to find out so I'd think Y/A would help. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      In my opinion I not think the prices are correct.

      You need a 35' Slip, they not let you put a 33' boat in a 30' slip. The Fees state price per feet AND "Whichever is Greater!!!! So, you may have to pay for a 35' slip. IF, you have a Bow-Spirit you may need to consider that in length. Also, know your Draft. You may have to get on a waiting list, be "VERY" sure you understand how it works. Some information is below. Also notice the Effective Date 2001, this may be old information. Phone Book be most reliable and just call and ask.

      Welcome to Santa Barbara Harbor
      34°23.8'N - 119°43.3'W

      Rates effective November 6, 2001
      (805) 564-5531

      Marina Slips, End Ties, Side Ties with Services
      Per foot of vessel length or slip length, whichever is greater, per month:
      30' slips @ .68
      35' slips @ .97

      Marina Side Ties without Services
      Per foot of vessel length per month: .31

      Slip Waiting List
      A non-refundable fee of fifty dollars () will accompany the request to be placed on the slip waiting list. A non-refundable annual maintenance fee of forty dollars () will be required to remain on the slip waiting list.

    What is Santa clause phone number and Selena Gomez number?
    I wanna know what's Santa clause phone number and Selena Gomez phone number

    • ANSWER:
      They don't give out that information.

    How can I find a homeless person in the Los Angeles Santa Monica area?
    I am looking for a homeless friend in Santa Monica. His grandmother contacted me saying he called her a month ago to get my phone number. She is an older lady who's hearing isn't the best and she gave him the wrong phone number. I know he is in the Santa Monica area, due to an arrest record I found of him and her saying she could hear the ocean when she was talking to him. Deducing that information, plus the fact that homeless people don't get harassed by the cops on the beach in Santa Monica, I have a good place to start. She said he wanted to ask her something, but ended up having to get off the phone. He is a very reserved person, and I have been the only constant in his life since we were kids. He is like a brother to me, and I have a feeling that he was wanting to ask her to come home, but due to their strained relationship over the years, I have the feeling he wanted to ask me for help. I live in the Midwest, so there is really no way I can go searching for him on my own, and I was wondering if there were any services, churches, meal delivery persons, or any way I could start up the road to find him. We just want a location to come get him if that's what he wants. Any help would be appreciated. Bless you for helping.

    • ANSWER:
      Put together as much info on your friend as you can - name, age, physical description, any disabilities, etc.
      If you have a recent picture, scan it into your computer and prepare to email it.

      Contact the Santa Monica City Homeless Center

      Ask them how they can help, or if they can recommend something, etc.

      If they don't help, contact the local United Way

    Im not sure how to work out this phone number?
    Propably a very simple question, I am not sure
    but for Christmas I am getting my little brother to get a recorded free santa phone call.
    Anyway, the number is +61-282825720, what numbers exacely do you dial?
    I put those exact numbers and it does not work, and i added my area number (02) and it still does not work. Best answer answer!

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know about that site but here are a few that you can use to let him call Santa for free

      The first one is worldwide

      Merry Christmas

    How can I find the balance on my Secret Santa Card from Victoria's Secret?
    I just got a card from them, but I don't know how to find the balance of it! I know you have to wait until december first, and on the back of the card is just the catalogue website and phone number... Help?

    • ANSWER:
      The "Secret Santa Card", or, Secret Rewards Card, can be redeemed in the store or Online from Dec. 1-24th. We can scan the card (just a normal gift card) to see how much is on it.
      ... Yes, most are worth .00, however I have seen many people with .00 and 0.00 cards! (Still no sign of that 0.00)...
      Remember that you can continue to use your reward card until the 24th of Dec, (or until you empty the amount of the card). IE: You have the 0.00 card, and when you purchase, you only spend .00, the remaining .00 can be used until the 24th.
      NOTE: The Secret Santa Card isn't like the Angel Rewards Card... with the ARC, you must spend the full amount at the time of purchase.
      ALSO: You CANNOT use any other discount or CRM (aka: Free Panty Card) with the Secret Santa Card.

      I hope this helped!!

    does anyone know where i can buy zen nature's tropical flowers brazilian exotic aromatherapy oil?
    i bought this oil from diamond beauty 2 years ago. They don't carry zen nature products any longer. This is one of the best smelling oils i've ever had. I can find tropical fruits, but i REALLY want the tropical flowers. The company is based in brazil, but distributed by Swan Walk Ltd in Santa Monica CA. The phone number that was on my bottle is smudged off. Any help is appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      try the body shop or a health/herbal store

    Transportation santa fe NM and Chihuahua Mexico?
    I have seen some van's in a route from Santa Fe NM to Chihuahua Mexico and they drive passengers both ways. I'm planning in going to Chihuahua and I need their phone number. Can somebody help me with this information?

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing to be found..sorry..

    Could anyone tell me what the phone number is for Bank of America in Santa Fe Springs, CA?
    This bank is on Orr and Day Rd. The phone number 562-868-1448 is a general customer service number. I need the direct number to this particular bank. This is for Bank of America in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

    • ANSWER:
      sorry...............i dunno.........'ll try 2 get it!!

    What is the phone number for santa in 2008?
    My brother loves hearing it and i want to play it for him but i dont have it. Any number that you know works is fine.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't have the official number, but if you want a laugh, try this Santa Hot line: 973-409-3282

      It's one of many services available from

      As for the real Santa hot line, I just did a search and didn't come up with it. It may be shut down permanently, or just not activated yet. It's probably expensive to run. 800 numbers have to pay every time you call them (That's why they're free- You're not paying, instead the business is)

    What is a number that i can call to Santa Claus?
    i am trying to find a "phone number" so that i can let my 4 year old daughter talk to Santa. i know it would make her day.....specially if she thinks she is actually telling him what she wants. hope someone can help. thanks all

    • ANSWER:
      You could get someone that you know but she don't to be "Santa". Find someone who sounds like they could be Santa. Someone "jolly" sounding. Sorry I don't have a number for you. Hope this helps!

    How can I tell if this shy girl like me?
    I know this girl and we're both friends in the same high school I like and care about her allot. This girl I like is shy and it's very hard for me to tell if she's interest in me or like me back, she would be sending mix signal. I never get the chance to hang out with her for a long time but here is some of the things I notice when I do get the be around her
    -She look down on the ground often, more often if her friend is with her
    -She'll look at me in the eye or sometime just avoid eye contact,
    -Smiles allot (she always smile to everyone)
    -When she text she will be fun like she would say "Santa gets me presents"

    Now here's the confusing part. I told one of my friend that I really like her and I ask him if he can talk about me when he hangout with her to see if she feel more open up about her feeling for me. So one day I ask her if she can give me her phone number so we can text each other since we never get a chance to talk and she happily give it to me, but when my friend come to talk with her she say "guess who's numbers I just got" they both say Nathan at the same time and she giggle. My friend than proceed to tell her that I'm infatuated with her, after my friend told her, he told me she was giggling, happy, blushing, and her face was all red and she was covering her face with her jacket sleeves. With all that info who wouldn't think that girl doesn't like me? So I ask her out to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee but she told me she's busy, understandable since she's a really good student, allot of people want to hang out with her, and she have community service.

    Now here's the part where I stop and think to myself "does she even like me?".
    -she probably never say hi to me if her friend is hanging out with her even though I say hi first
    -sometime reply to a text with only a few words or sometimes one.
    -Sometime it seem she's trying to avoid me

    So after weeks of constant mix signal I decide to tell her how I really feel about her and how much I care about her, over a text. She told me that I'm really sweet but she have a boyfriend, but I don't believe her so I ask my friend if he can ask her what's the boyfriend's name and she told him an MMORPG name and that he was from a fantasy world in World of Warcraft and go to school there. After he told me that I got extremely confuse, is she trying to play hard to get, does she just doesn't like me and lie about it, she wanna test me to see if i still care about her, or does she just really have a boyfriend?

    What should I do now? I've been texting her and we seem friendly but I still really like her and wouldn't give up on her the facts that I got a chance. Was there something wrong? Was it too soon to tell her how I feel about her? Did she got nervous and lie? What do you guys think I should do now? I was planning to give her something like a stuff animal for Christmas and ask if she give me a chance and ask if this boyfriend of her is he really real and if he is, than does she truly think he care and like her more than me. Guys, what should I do?!

    • ANSWER:
      Dont pressure her about finding out about her real or non real boyfriend cause if it is real and you dont believe her than she will think you dont have trust in her. Thats not good and not amusing.
      You should just talk to her and not pressure her. In this situation i think that not pressuring her about anything is the best way to go
      Goodluck mate

      Btw just skim it bro

    I need a gift for my daughter she is nine years old . She wants a bike and clothes and a barbie doll house?
    I love christmas but this year i feeling sad because i am unable to get my daughter what she is asking to santa. my phone number is las vegas nevada 702-885-9508

    • ANSWER:
      Put an ad in your local craigslist that you need help for Christmas.
      You can also try this website:

    Does anyone know where I can take classes for first time home buyers in Santa Rosa, CA?
    Name, location, and phone number of where I can take these courses please. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      The Acorn Program, Bank of America

    What is the closest area codes to 818 ?
    Thinking about getting a Yahoo messenger phone number, but can't get an 818 area code so need a close one instead.

    • ANSWER:
      323-Greater Los Angeles
      213-Downtown Los Angeles
      626-San Gabriel Valley
      310-West Los Angeles & South Bay
      661-Santa Clarita Valley
      Where are you the closest? Get the area code the closest your from.

    What jobs are hiring 16 year olds in santa clarita CA?
    i need a job but im only 16, a phone number would help and it has to be in Canyon Country. Thank you very much for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      there are two different sites down below with jobs good luck on your job search

      there are only 14 different job opening in canyon county, CA&ft=loc
      there are only 23 different job opening in santa clarita, CA&ft=loc

    If you saw Summer Santa down at the beach and he asked you to sit on his lap, would you do it?
    I did last summer, but his red and white speedos kind of creeped me out. Not only that, he asked for my phone number before I left. Lifeguards had to pick up his reindeer poo too.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd bury him in the sand & fart in his face for not getting me that BB Gun

    Is there a way to contact yahoo business by phone about domain name?
    I purchased domain names from Yahoo but lost my login. I need to update information on the domain name. Their email help has been automated and catastrophic. After over two weeks of emailing, they have still not put me in access with my account. Since they are now as expensive as Network Solutions, which offers 24/hour tech and customer support, do they have a phone number or some way to get through to someone who can help?

    • ANSWER:
      Frustrating ain't it.
      Seems Yahoo doesn't want to deal with us on the phone and their online automated system will generally get you an automated response. I had no luck with them a few months ago when I had a problem that didn't fit any of their "category/sub-category/sub-sub-category" automated help.

      If you don't mind voice mail hell (assuming you'll get it) try one of these numbers. Don't know if either will get you the help you need. Haven't tried them myself.

      Yahoo! Customer Service
      c/o Yahoo! Inc.
      701 First Avenue
      Sunnyvale, CA 94089
      By phone: (408) 349-5080
      By fax: (408) 349-7821

      3420 Central Expressway
      Santa Clara, CA 95051
      408.731.3300 voice
      408.731.3301 fax

    What is a phone number for a Santa that my grand kids can call?
    I have unlimited long distance for all the USA, so it doesn't matter what State. My grand kids want to phone Santa, and I don't know where they can call.
    Can you help?

    • ANSWER:
      Here are some sites you can register your info and Santa will call you. I hope these help and they get to talk to Santa. I did this for my niece and you should have seen her eyes!

    Does anyone have the phone number kids can call to talk to Santa ?
    Last year there was a (800) number kids could call to hear a message from Santa. Does anyone know the number this year. The old one doesn't work any more. Thanks !

    • ANSWER:
      The first link is for a toll-free call. You can look into the others.

    Where can I find a fishing pond for children in Southern California?
    I would like to take my grandchildren to a private trout fishing pond anywhere close to Los Angeles. There used to be one in Azusa, but it's gone. I heard there is one in the San Fernando/Conejo Valley, but where? Name? Location? phone number?

    • ANSWER:
      no, none in the SF/conejo valleys.
      for that matter, the smaller private outfits are more favoring catfish right now, until the weather cools this winter,
      a number of the socal mountain lakes still have good trout fishing, trolling deep for holdovers. as long as the lake is deep enough to provide cold water for the trout, there will always be leftovers for summertime fishing. but those are going to be 40 feet deep and deeper.
      these small private trout ranches just don't have that kind of depth.
      take them to santa ana river lakes for some catfishing.
      beware of some of these types of places that charge for fish by the pound as well as a fee for fishing. l don't know if you will want to pay for a 4 or 5lb fish.

    Does anyone have a phone number for a taco guy in the san fernando or santa clarita valley in California?
    I'm having my son's baptism and would like to have a taco guy to cater lunch for about 50-60 people. I would really appreciate some phone numbers. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Just goes to google map, type the city and search for taco bell,it will has the number.

    Should the Tooth Fairy leave a self portrait and phone number?
    My 6 1/2 year old daughter has left notes under her pillow requesting the tooth fairy leave a picture and phone number after she got a nice note under her pillow for her tooth. I think she wants to network. I am looking for a tasteful response.

    • ANSWER:
      I think the best way to go about this is to leave another note saying that fairys don't have phones and they only correspond through letters- like Santa. You could say something like "If you ever wish to write to me, just put your letter in an envalope and stick it under your pillow."
      This way your daughter can write to the tooth fairy and you'll know when she does because she'll ask you for an envalope. If she puts a note under her pillow without you knowing and she's mad that the fairy didn't pick it up, remind her that she needs to put it in an envalope like the tooth fairy said. Crisis averted.
      As for a portrait, I would just sketch a rough version of a fairy with wings. You could even include a note that she didn't have a photograph and that she's not very good at drawing, but tried her best.
      Do what you can to enjoy this magic in your child while it lasts. Make it the best possible experience for her- she only gets one shot at this kind of stuff in life and it doesn't last very long. Remember how magical it was to believe?

    Does anyone know the phone number for Santa Claus for 2008?
    The number I have from last year doesn't work. It was a toll free number where kids could leave santa a message and a recording got sent to your email. Anyone know this year's number.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know that number but the march of dimes is doing a Santa Text here is the info I got :

      Santa's gone mobile!
      Hey! Did any of you see this TextSanta. net website? You can have your child (or anyone) receive personalized text messages from santa himself.. How cute is that!!

      It's only .49 for three messages, but if you enter promo code "JINGLE" you get a dollar off.

      What a great novelty gift!

      Here's the coolest thing... It's for a good cause too! FROM EVERY PURCHASE IS DONATED TO THE MARCH OF DIMES! All you have to do is visit www. TextSanta. net , sign up, and enter promo code "JINGLE" for your dollar off.

      ... soon your loved ones will be receiving fun Personalized texts from Santa, mentioning things like.. their names, pets names, friends names, or whatever you want.

      Check it out!! www. TextSanta.
      Lets reach the goal of 1 million dollars donated to the March of Dimes. While also bringing a smile to your loved ones faces.

      Spread the word, send to everyone you know!

    How does Santa bring presents to your children?
    Well me and my husband were discussing it because we have a 1 yr old son and maybe next year but definitely the year after that Santa will have to come visit. Santa brought him all but one present which was from his Mom and they were wrapped but Santa brought me 1 huge expensive present that "my parents couldn't afford" and it wasn't wrapped. SO my question is does Santa bring your kids 1 present or several, wrapped or unwrapped? Thank you in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      I have explained to my daughter (6 1/2) that mommy and daddy have a special phone number for santa we call him and tell him everything that is on her list and her brothers list (2 1/2) and send him $$ to buy what he can, since he has to take care of all the children of the world its very expensive. What he can not find or purchase we have to look for, all the gifts are under our tree wrapped some from santa and some from mommy and daddy.

    Does Santa have an email and phone number?
    I know Santa is a busy person near Christmas but I would like to call or email my kids' Christmas list for a surprise .

    • ANSWER:
      Santa@ N.

    How can I get a facebook password reset code to be sent to another number because I can't get the reset code?
    Because the number my phone is registered on is stolen.

    • ANSWER:
      Uh, huh, Adrian. We believe that. We also believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

      LOL, smarten up.

    Question about shipping to an address that isn't your own?
    I am taking part in a secret santa exchange on reddit, and I want to send my giftee something directly from Amazon, but on the shipping destination page, it asks for a phone number. I do not know their phone number, should I just put my own?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you can put your own number down, it's needed only in case there's a problem and they can't reach you by email.

    What is santa's real phone number?
    What is santa's phone number, so I can tell him what I wish for really bad on my christmas list? It's a h2o lockett. Someone please help me. I need to let him know. I need to tell him for the season 1 and 2 lockett. pleasee give me santa's real number.

    • ANSWER:
      santas number is unlisted

    how do you get traffic tickets extensions at the santa monica traffic court?
    the phone number 213-742-6648 is totally automated and not very easy to understand.

    • ANSWER:
      You need to go to the court clerks office in person and sign a speedy trail wavier.

    How do I find out how much is on my Victoria's Secret secret santa card without actually going in the store?
    I know you are supposed to be able to find out today. Is there a number I can call? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      On the card there is an 800 number and you call that then press 3 (for more info or choices,) Then just wait for someone to come to the phone and ask them how to find out about the amount on your card.

      How much did you get?
      I got only =( [oh well better than nothing]

    How would i get a number in portugal, to be able to call someone?
    I'm trying to get in touch with a family member. I know he lives in Santa Maria. But i don't know how to get his number, and i would LOVE to get a number. So if anyone knows how i would be able to do that, it would help me alot!

    • ANSWER:
      do u mean SANTA MARIA, the island (Azores)?

      If so you have to dial 00351296 then your phone number.

      If you don't have the phone number but you have the name and/or address then you can look into the phone book which is in english as well:

      hope it helps

    What is the fax number for the orange fraud department?
    I think it has 1515 in it but I need to fax over proof of my address as my phone has been suspended due to it not being used in a few months.
    I also cant phone them as my phone wont let me phone out
    sorry the uk phone company orange

    • ANSWER:
      Fax it to (714) 648-3636, or mail it to:
      Consumer Protection Unit
      Orange County District Attorney’s Office
      401 Civic Center Dr. W
      Santa Ana, CA 92701

    Whats the phone number of the Santa Clarita Little Caesars?
    I wanna order a pizza from little caesars. But i dont know the phone #!

    • ANSWER:
      Depends where you are?

    Does any one know the correct address and phone number of the below organizations? ?
    I cant seem to find them anywhere and I need to add them as part of my groups contact list for emergencies?

    The organizations names are below!

    World Vision and Direct Relief International

    They are Humanitarian Organizations

    Thank you if you can assist me in finding them!
    What are their missions?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi T. am! I want to help you in your research about this stuff.

      World Vision
      1-888-511-6548 : P.O. Box 9716
      Federal Way, WA 98063-9716

      Direct Relief International
      27 S. La Patera Lane
      Santa Barbara, CA 93117
      Phone: (805) 964-4767
      Fax: (805) 681-4838


      WORLD VISION - is a Christian relief and development organization dedicated to helping children and their communities worldwide reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty.

      * Responding to sudden natural disasters and slow-building humanitarian emergencies around the world.

      * Saving lives and reducing suffering by tracking crises, pre-positioning emergency supplies for immediate response, and remaining after the crisis to rebuild and restore communities.

      DIRECT RELIEF - approach to disasters is to support the immediate needs of victims by working with local partners best situated to assess, respond, and prepare for the long-term recovery that will be needed. Each emergency has specific characteristics that are dependent upon local facts and circumstances. Direct Relief coordinates with all local, national, and international responders to avoid the duplication of effort, the wasting of resources, and logistics bottlenecks. Disaster-relief efforts require rapid response, but the help must be of the right type. Direct Relief’s response efforts are fast, yet they are always in direct response to specific requests from local partners and are coordinated with other international organizations and governmental authorities to ensure the most efficient use of resources. Our experience has taught that the basic tenets of responding to specific needs and involving the local people are essential, particularly in an emergency setting.

      I know this will help you a lot in your mission in your group You are such a very smart and a very nice person too.Take care my dearest friend.


    What to do about this cell phone question?
    My friend and I were trying to call Santa Clause (yes I know, dumb) and we found his number and we called it but this recorded person on the other end said that they would send a message to my cell phone and it said something about an offer being a month, and they said to cancel, reply STOP. I replied STOP, but the message won't send and I have really good signal! What up???? Please help! My dad will be so mad at me if he has to pay a month for nothing! Help! How do I get to cancel?

    • ANSWER:
      Phone companies cannot charge ANY money to the caller without their consent. Just a phone call won't add any services or plans to your phone payment. The only way to charge your phone with a service is if they send you a text message and ask you if you want the service, which you can respond to with STOP to cancel, like you said. Keep trying with the STOP, it has to work eventually.

      If this happened and you seriously think you screwed up here, the best you can do is tell your father that you accidentally called the wrong number and you started receiving messages to sell you something, and that you're sorry and you won't do it again. Then show him the text message, and tell him that you tried to send them STOP but that it won't send. He will call his phone company and stop it manually.
      I know you don't want him to know, but if you must, you must. Its best you tell him NOW, rather than him finding out at the end of the month and getting angry and saying "Why didn't you tell me before? I wouldn't have to pay the ten dollars!" So You should tell him ASAP.

    How do i call a mexican cell phone located in the united states in los angeles california?
    My uncle is visiting from Mexico he said that his cell phone is working because his Mexican company is together with at&t but I can't call him from my cell phone only he could call me the number is 5255370779** its a 12 digit number I'm trying to call from my cell phone 714 area in Santa ana ca k tried using a calling card but it doesn't work help!

    • ANSWER:
      You need to dial either the access number for Santa Ana on the card (714 area) or the toll-free number and then dial 011-52-1-553-707-79XX for a cell phone in Mexico. So it is actually 16 numbers you would dial after the card access number; have fun calling.

    What are some funny cell phone numbers that my friends and I can call?
    Like the hot line numbers like Santas hotline. Wat are some other funny ones!? plz help! O and 1 other thing! my bf sed that he had a number that u can call and ask any questions and get an answer... does anyone no dat number?

    • ANSWER:
      yep the the number that you call to get answers is 1-800-224-2242. it is great and will give u an answer to any question.
      it is called chacha

    Can I get an iPhone at AT&T store? Is is possible without having social security number?
    I went to Apple Store, but they asked me to buy instead online since they dont have it in stock. I am now planning to get it from AT&T store. Any idea would they have in stock? I am in Santa Clara, CA. Also, I read somewhere that they ask for social security number. Is this correct? Because I dont have one and I am afraid they would refuse me for this simple reason.

    • ANSWER:
      Call the customer service #, and ask to check which stores in your area has the phones in stock. The agent will search the database or call the stores for you and find out. Good-luck though. The store are first come first served, so even if they say they have it, it may be gone by the time you get there.
      The only way you can get a phone without giving up the SS# is by getting a pay-as-you-go plan. I've never heard of prepaid iPhones but it's possible. You might wanna ask this one while your on the phone with the agent.

    Is this a good Christmas gift for a 10 year old, would you appreciate it as a parent?
    Is this a good Christmas gift?

    I am trying to plan something special for my friend for Christmas. Earlier this year I lost a good friend and he left behind a 10 year old little girl. I am friends with her. Every year Santa has come to my house before Christmas. I never know when he is coming, all I hear is bells and then Santa walks in with Mrs Clause. It's very special. I am trying to make arrangements for him to visit my friend and her mom to help them get in the Christmas spirit and to help them get through the holiday with out their family member. Is this a good idea? Do you think she's too old for it? I really dont care if she doesnt know i planed all of it, as long as shes happy. Please no rude comments

    • ANSWER:
      That would be brilliant. There are also websites where you can arrange for Santa to call the phone number you choose. I think it's called Santa's Hotline or something like that. My 12 year old nieces would STILL love that. You're never to old for Santa. HO HO HO!

    where to find a custom waterfeature in California Central Coast?
    Where can I find a really special waterfeature for my business in Santa Barbara? Could I contact Dave Doust directly? My neighbour told me he makes incredible things with iridized glass and cultured stone and sometimes wood.

    • ANSWER:
      If it was me, I would contact Dave Doust directly by email. Unless you know someone to give you his phone number.

      He is sometimes commissioned to make large expensive pieces for nurseries, but then the clients contact him and he makes them one of a kind items. Check his site I guess.

    Do you need a photo ID to send regular postal letters in Canada?
    I would like to know if you need a photo ID to send regular letters to Canada.

    Since I'm going to be sending a letter with a tracking number, I was wondering if a photo id is required. And is there an age limit to sending letters?

    I'm hoping to send the letter without a return address but heard its needed if tracking is included.
    I'm in Canada and using Canada Post to send letters.

    • ANSWER:
      No, you don't need ID to send a letter and there is no age limit. Kids barely old enough to write can send letters to Santa Claus at Christmas.. You will need ID only if you're picking up a parcel or registered letter at a post office. If you send a letter with a tracking number, the form you fill out on the letter has a space for your name and phone number. I don't know if it's mandatory to fill out those spaces, I've never tried not doing it. The purpose of the tracking feature is so they can keep track of what you sent and notify you if something happens and your name on the thing is the only way they can do that. You can go to a post office and ask if it's absolutely necessary to put your name and address on it but since it's generally to your advantage to do so, it's going to look kind of funny if you don't.

    How to send a text message to brazil from the USA?
    I'm using the free texting app Heywire that can text internationally. I want to text my friend in brazil and he gave me his number (+55 48 xxxx xxxx)

    How do I send him a text from heywire? I already tried to enter it like that with 011 in front like 011 55 48 xxxx xxxx but he's not getting the texts. How do I enter the number to text?

    • ANSWER:
      In mos cell phones, you can either type 011 (International Direct Dialing code, or IDD) 55 (Brazil's country code) 48 (area code for Santa Catarina) plus the local phone number - so you did it right.
      You can also type +55 48 xxxx xxxx directly (most cell phones accept the "+" sign and replace it by the IDD).
      So, most probably, you cannot text a message because your phone has not been enabled to make international calls. Some phone carriers require that you explicit call them and have international calls enabled on your phone explicitly as a means to avoid fraud. Call customer support for your carrier and verify that you are enabled for international calling.

    How to find safe driving directions in the winter?
    I'm driving from Denver, CO to Salt Lake City, UT and I'm trying to find out which day/ route would be best. Whether or not I should leave tomorrow or Monday or if I should go through the mountains or Wyoming.
    Is there an online service or number I could call to talk to someone with advice? I tried Highway Patrol but all I got was an automated voice which wasn't very helpful.
    If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate it so much!

    • ANSWER:
      The correct agency is the state Department of Transportation, not the Highway Patrol.

      You can get information online or by phone.

      For Colorado:

      1. "To help you prepare for your travels, CDOT offers several tools. For current road and weather conditions you can call 511 or visit You can also sign up for free e-mail and text message alerts. Once you create an account, you can subscribe to the corridors and topics that apply to you and your travels. You can also follow us on Twitter @Coloradodot."
      2. Independence Pass is closed for the winter.
      3. I-25 North is closed near Santa Fe drive for bridge girder installation.

      For Utah:

      "Statewide year-round road conditions can be found two ways:
      "Phone: 24-hour automated road condition information can be accessed using any Utah-based phone by simply dialing 511 [in Utah]. Outside Utah, you can access the same information by dialing toll-free 866-511-UTAH (8824).

      "Online: The CommuterLink website is maintained 24-hours a day, 7 days a week by operators in the UDOT Traffic Operations Center (TOC). They continually monitor statewide traffic and weather conditions and post the information on

      "A text version of road condition information is also available from November 1 to April 30. It is updated daily before 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and as conditions change. "

      Utah winter road conditons (text):
      Utah winter road conditions (map):

    Is there a phone number for santa clause?
    I've tried multipule numbers and cant find one that actually works. Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      ! I Have a 4 year old daughter, I actually foud this # off of Pinterest- I Promise u it works

      1 (253) 237-2682

      Also you can go on and put in your number and you can pick between 3 differnent recording and you get a phone call from santa within 5 minutes :)

      Merry Christmas

    i need to find a post office phone number in santa anita mexico?
    where can i look to find this? or can u give me any number to any post office there

    • ANSWER:
      Surely you jest

    Does anyone know the phone number to Santa in Dallas,TX?
    I used to have the dallas, tx number for Santa a few years ago, but I've forgot it. Now my son is 5 and would really get a kick out of it. Does anyone know the number for Santa in Dallas, Tx?

    • ANSWER:
      637 029 3740

    How do you join the secret society that runs the world?
    The skulls and daggers, the masons, the illuminati, the trilateral commission and so on. Looking for new members? well you got one right here. I'm smart, charming and ready to step on anyone to make me wealthly beyond my wildest dreams. i just don't know how to join. Anybody know? Anybody got a phone number, or address or e-mail? and yes I am serious. I have seen things and know things. I have secrets to share as well.

    • ANSWER:
      I do not know about the "skulls and daggers," "the illumanti, the trilateral commission," but from what you have said, "ready to step on anyone to make me wealthy..." that disqualifies you from the Freemasons.

      I am a member of the esoteric body American Co-Masonry (Freemasonry for women and men). We manifestly screen out people who are mercenary in their motives. Regarding sharing secrets, why would we trust you if you are so willing to share secrets? Secrets are to be kept involate not just offered as an inducement. Our secrets you must earn.

      American Co-Masonry admits women and men, 21 years or older, of any race, of any religion as long as they believe in a Supreme Being. The applicant must be tolerant of races and religions not his or her own. The applicant must be of good report and free. The purpose of American Co-Masonry, and to most report to all Freemasonry, is to improve the world by improving onesself. We stress the fundamental values of Truth, Relief, and Brotherly Love.

      Freemasonry is a system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. We take for our lessons symbols of the ancient operative stone masons. Molding human hearts is as difficult as sculpting stone. And we are the stone ourselves we work upon.

      Yes, many Freemasons through the years have been successful business men and women. If one has a reputation of being honest and level with people, folks respond and wish to trade with you. However, cause and effect get tangled up here. We admit only good people to begin with who wish to make themselves and the world better. Not many out there who want to do that.

      Co-Masonry and masculine only Freemasonry do not recruit. We wait for good people to knock on our doors. Once you apply, expect to be asked some very penetrating questions about your motives and beliefs.

      As Kurt Vonnegut said in _Mother Night_, "We are who we pretend to be, so be very careful who you pretend to be."

      A Master Mason
      American Co-Masonry

      Hiram Lodge (Santa Cruz, CA)
      Amon Ra Lodge (Los Angeles, CA)
      Sapientia Lodge of Research (Larkspur, CO)
      Adamant Mark Lodge (Santa Cruz, CA)

    How much does it cost to get a choreographer for a quinceanera waltz?
    Please list phone numbers..thanks
    Oh I live in Phoenix, Arizona but about how much does it estimate would be good...thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I can't give you a phone number for someone here in Santa Monica if you're in Waco Texas... we gotta know where you are if you want phone numbers....

    Where is the closest Louis Vuitton boutique to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica?
    I will be out in LA next weekend. Yay. Anyhoo, I really want to go to 3rd Street in Santa Monica for some shopping but also want to pick up a Louis handbag while i am out there. I need some help from any of you all that know this LA area. Please and thank you:)

    • ANSWER:
      on you can see all the store addresses -- you can also call their 866 number - not sure exactly what it is - it's also on the website, and talk to the person on the phone - they may know -- they can help with anything =)

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